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Get Your Workplace Ready for Social Distancing with the Workspace App

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lives, including the way we work. Although many employees are still working from home, more and more companies are preparing for a gradual return to the office. Organizations are under pressure to implement social distancing measures to prevent the spread of the virus as their employees return to work.

If your company has taken a traditional approach to workspace management up until now, with one designated employee per desk, you might be having a hard time determining how to transition to a more flexible seating strategy in order to keep employees safe.

Learn more about what return to office guidelines you need to plan for to ensure a safe return for employees in your organization.


How to Protect Your People Using Flexible Seating  

A lot of modern offices have open floorplans, so if everyone is in the office at the same time, it would be very difficult to enforce social distancing. Flexible working arrangements enable companies to provide and maintain physical distancing in the office because not everyone works in the office at the same time. Some employees can work from home while others are in the office, and they can switch off.

Employers have to do the work of deciding who can be in the office and on which days. Desks might need to be arranged differently in order to add more distance between them as well.

Using hot desking enables organizations to stagger employees because employees don’t have assigned desks and can reserve desks at the office in advance for set periods of time. Having a booking tool like the Workspace app helps you manage capacity in your office and allows employees to book their desks from their own mobile device to ease the return to the office. 


Desk Booking Apps and Why They’re Crucial to Combatting COVID-19

The ability to provide employees with flexible workspaces that allow for social distancing without hurting productivity is absolutely crucial. It’s not possible to have employees working in close quarters anymore, but at the same time, it’s beneficial to have teams continuing to work and collaborate together, albeit at a distance. 

With the Workspace App, employees can easily manage shared workspaces and book desks when they go to the office. They will only have the ability to reserve desks that are safe to use because any desks that are blocked off will show as unavailable. The Workspace App is built for Microsoft 365®, keeping all resources and everyone’s calendars up-to-date. 

The Workspace App helps you maintain the radius you want around desks. For example, an administrator can block out every other desk in the office so that they are not bookable to ensure that workspaces are spaced out accordingly. This fully automates social distancing in your office so you can easily ensure that people are practicing the appropriate physical distancing.


Interactive Floor Plans for Smart Meeting Room Management  

With the Workspace App, you can create an interactive map of your office. Users can tell which workspaces are available based on the floor map’s color-coding, and they can simply tap on a workspace in the floor plan to book it. The floor plan also helps employees find their way around the office. Floor plans integrate with Microsoft 365® and remain up-to-date so that everyone is on the same page with any changes to bookings and seating arrangements. 

The situation with COVID-19 is unpredictable, and businesses need to be flexible and capable of reacting quickly to change. The Workspace App helps your organization easily reconfigure seating arrangements and determine which desks are bookable to ensure that your social distancing measures continue to meet evolving government guidelines while protecting your people.

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