Dynamic Digital
Signage Software

Improve communication in your organization with dynamic information displays. Make visitors feel welcome with wayfinding and an overview of today's events.

Dynamic Digital Signage Software

Dynamic digital signage

Promote your company and make visitors feel welcome 

Ariadne improves internal and external communication by keeping staff and visitors informed with a current overview of the day’s events, meetings, and other activities. But that’s not all. You can also customize the graphics to convey your company’s brand to visitors. Content that you can display on your digital signage include videos, pictures, and RSS feeds.

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Visitors and employees can easily find their way around without getting confused if, for instance, a meeting has been moved to another room at the last minute. Furthermore, receptionists no longer have to spend time guiding visitors, and healthcare personnel can quickly locate a room in urgent situations that demand a fast response.

Dynamic Digital Signage Software

Welcome visitors

Welcoming visitors gives them a good impression of your company and results in better collaboration and long-term relationships with customers and business partners. If you work in the hospitality sector, Ariadne enables you to warmly welcome guests and provide a superior level of customer service.

With Ariadne, you can target your messaging to visitors. On your digital signage display for instance stock prices for business partners, health information for hospital patients, or the logo of a company holding a conference at your hotel.

Dynamic Digital Signage


Company branding

Our templates can be customized with your company’s logo, colors, and font, thereby enhancing your corporate image. You can also use the dynamic digital signage to market your products or services. For instance, you can broadcast a video about your company or use the message function to promote your products or those of vendors.

Changes to a digital sign’s layout and design are easy to make with Ariadne’s editor, even for users without any training.



Ariadne integrates with Outlook®, which saves you time because meetings booked in your calendar are automatically displayed on your digital signs.

Ariadne is also available as a hosted solution, which lowers your company’s total cost of ownership (TCO).


Feature List

  1. Make visitors feel informed, welcome, and at ease
  2. Ensure a warm welcome by displaying visitors’ names and company logo
  3. Directional arrows quickly guide visitors to their meeting rooms
  4. Increase reception efficiency by freeing up reception staff to spend time on other tasks besides guiding visitors
  5. Real-time updates provide employees and guests with accurate information while preventing double booking
  1. Message function at the bottom of your digital signs allows you to improve internal and external communication with RSS feeds or manual updates
  2. Combine Ariadne with Resource Central and have the ability to book extra services like catering to save your company time and resources
  3. Graphics can be adapted to your company’s branding
  4. Use video streaming to promote your products, or sell commercial space to vendors
  5. Built for Windows

What People Say

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From an IT and Digitalization perspective, Add-On Products has been a competent supplier for 10 years. They have provided great input in relation to future development of the solution in accordance with Aarhus Municipality's needs. Most recently they have assisted in an innovative booking project that will make the solution available to a completely new user group.

Søren Laursen, Chief Consultant

Aarhus Municipality, Denmark

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"Our staff are very comfortable using Resource Central to manage their diaries and meetings"

Ian Scullion, Project Manager

Manchester Primary Care Trust, UK

Testimonial image

"The main reason we chose Resource Central is that it supports multiple companies and is easy to use and operate. Having a single solution for all the companies to operate has been a real benefit."

Svein Arne Hammersland, Manager ICT

Sparebanken Vest, Norway

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