A Meeting Room Booking System for the Modern Workplace

Plan, book, and manage meeting rooms and connected services in a single integrated solution that adapts to your growing business.

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Effortlessly Book and Manage Meeting Rooms, Workspaces and Resources

Our meeting room booking system solution Resource Central lets you to quickly locate and secure the meeting room or workspace you need from within your existing Microsoft applications and connected devices. It can be installed either on-site, in your own cloud or in Add-On Products’ cloud as a SaaS solution.

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Adaptable Booking Solution

Designed to Support All Types of Organizations

From in-office only to hybrid and flexible work models, Resource Central is designed to support and streamline resource and workspace management for organizations of any size or work model.


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User friendly booking solution for expedient office space management.
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Individual and shared desks, and hot desking
  • Shared workspaces – huddle rooms, break rooms, etc.
  • Various resources and services necessary for meetings or conference events


All-in-one meeting resource and service management tool.
  • Easily order catering and additional resources while creating meeting reservations in Microsoft Outlook®
  • Order catering and set specific nutrition and allergy rules
  • Book laptops, projectors, parking spaces, and more
  • Manage meeting visitors and visitor process system
Order Catering and Additional Services
Adaptable configuration for any organization.

Resource Central is designed to provide next-level workspace and resource management in a single digital solution for the business it serves. Because it is configured during set up to match your organization’s specific work model and needs, Resource Central works for both all-in-office and hybrid workplace model businesses.

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Better Workspace Management Across Your Business

User-Friendly Features Provide Numerous Business Benefits

Built to work with Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365, Resource Central is easy-to-use and helps drive productivity, collaboration and reduce workspace waste. A user-friendly solution that works for meeting rooms and meetings management, individual and shared workspaces, and traditional desks and hot desking.

  • Find and book open workspaces with color-coded interactive floor plans and QR codes
  • Schedule meetings and view your calendar anytime, anywhere with the Resource Booking Web App
  • Easily find and book video conferencing equipped rooms
  • Save time by booking in advance, on-demand and on-the-go directly from Microsoft Outlook® as well as the Workspace Booking App
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Dynamic and Data-Driven Workspace and Meeting Management

Resource Central is designed to be your business’ real-time meeting room manager. Further reduce overhead costs and enable flexible working initiatives by using Resource Central in combination with our Workspace Booking App and Insights our business intelligence reporting tool.

  • Workspace Booking App: Make it easier for employees to organize and book meeting rooms and available workspaces on-demand and on-the-go without sacrificing connection and collaboration.
  • Insights: Better understand your office and workspace usage with personalized business intelligence data and dynamic dashboards to uncover key organization opportunities and empower decision-makers across the organization.

Read more about smartphone and QR code booking with Workspace →

Discover the value of Insights workplace analytics and reporting →

Dynamic and data driven meeting room manager
Streamline Meeting Planning and Visitor Management

Built-in features also improve visitor management and combine meeting planning to maximize employee productivity and reduce time wasted on scheduling and managing meetings.

  • Pre-register visitors, print visitor badges, perform barcode scans, and receive notifications when visitors arrive
  • Quickly order different meeting services when creating a meeting in Outlook® including catering, AV equipment, and more
  • Create, manage, and book pooled resources from your personalized group resource pools
  • Automated handling of service provider changes and cancellations
  • More
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Integrate Resource Central with Room Booking Displays

Combine our meeting room management software with our digital signage solutions.
Create, confirm, extend, and end meetings directly on conference room signs, or create an overview of several meeting rooms or desks on one sign.

Synchronized with the Exchange server our digital signage solutions are a smart way to easily manage and book workspaces in the office.


Room Booking Displays
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More Security and Value with Microsoft Integration

Built using Microsoft’s own standards, Resource Central gives you the tightest integration with your existing Microsoft platform. There’s no need to migrate user or booking data or worry about the uptime of a third-party system.

  • High-level integration with multiple Microsoft software solutions for easy implementation and use
  • Ready-to-go meeting room booking system that works across Outlook, Exchange, 365 and Teams
  • Ensures room and resource availability is updated in real time and always accurate

Resource Central also offers two distinct Microsoft Teams apps. “My Meetings” gives a complete overview and editing options of booked Teams meetings, associated services orders, and visitors. “Orders” supports your service providers to handle their orders directly through Teams and use Team Posts, to ensure communication and collaboration.

Room booking with Microsoft Teams Integration

Additional Offerings

cross platform support

Cross-Platform Support

Outlook® add-in Resource Finder

With Resource Finder as an Outlook add-in, companies that use alternate Outlook® versions, such as Outlook for Mac or Outlook on the web (OWA), are also able to save time and money on their meeting management process.

Contact us to learn more about Resource Finder →

Full SaaS Solution

Resource Central as a service solution

Our meeting room manager software can be installed either on-premises, in your own cloud or in Add-On Products’ cloud as a full Software as a Service solution. Our cloud is built on Microsoft Azure, providing a scalable platform architecture that is centrally managed and supported by our own experienced staff.

Read more about our Software as a Service →

Feature List

  1. List and book available meeting rooms, resources, equipment, cars and hot desks through Outlook®
  2. Order catering, table arrangement, and other services
  3. Book recurring meetings and services
  4. Book multiple resources and order catering and extra services in one step
  5. Order confirmations are automatically sent to all meeting organizers and service providers
  6. Automatic workflow for changes and cancellations
  7. Customized catering items and menus
  8. View nutrition and allergen information
  9. Manage bookings and orders on behalf of your colleagues using the 'Assisting Organizer' feature
  10. Get an overview of all meeting rooms showing availability, room descriptions, and images
  1. Filter on specific locations and find available desks and meeting rooms with color-coded interactive floor plans
  2. View availability of internal meeting attendees
  3. Manage resource reservations with the 'Booking Manager' feature
  4. Hide or restrict selections of resources that organizers do not have permission to book
  5. View reservations and orders
  6. Outlook® add-in with cross-platform support
  7. Run included standard reports, such as resource utilization reports
  8. Pre-register visitors, print visitor badges, perform barcode scans, and receive notifications when visitors arrive
  9. Delete sensitive data manually or automatically for GDPR compliance
  10. Use the self-registration kiosk for speedy registration
  11. 18 languages supported by software

Have Questions about Resource Central?

If you have questions about Resource Central, including any general information around technical requirements or features, please visit our knowledgebase center here.

FAQ for our Meeting Room Booking System

Cloud vs. On-Prem


All our solutions are offered as both Cloud/SaaS and On-prem. There are potential country dependent laws which can create restrictions. We also offer our solutions in both a Subscription and a Perpetual license. It is important to us that our customers have all options available to them when it comes to selecting their technical or license setup they require.

Is our Meeting Room Booking system only for booking rooms?


No. Resource Central is a complete Meeting and resource scheduling solution built for Microsoft Outlook® and Office 365. Resource Central contains add-ins for Outlook® for booking resources and services, web application for Service Providers, Receptionist module, Kiosk for visitors, Support for Desk booking and / or Parking spaces, Teams app, Web app for non-Outlook® Users, Support for Mac users and much more.

What People Say

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From an IT and Digitalization perspective, Add-On Products has been a competent supplier for 10 years. They have provided great input in relation to future development of the solution in accordance with Aarhus Municipality's needs. Most recently they have assisted in an innovative booking project that will make the solution available to a completely new user group.

Søren Laursen, Chief Consultant

Aarhus Municipality, Denmark

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"Our staff are very comfortable using Resource Central to manage their diaries and meetings"

Ian Scullion, Project Manager

Manchester Primary Care Trust, UK

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"The main reason we chose Resource Central is that it supports multiple companies and is easy to use and operate. Having a single solution for all the companies to operate has been a real benefit."

Svein Arne Hammersland, Manager ICT

Sparebanken Vest, Norway

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