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Resource Central

Meeting and Resource Scheduling

  • Book meetings, rooms, catering and services via Outlook®
  • Search for available meetings rooms based on location, size, equipment etc.
  • Order catering, AV-equipment, visitor badges, seating arrangements etc.
  • Review, fulfill and report on catering and service orders via an intuitive workflow
Ariadne digital signage

Digital Signage

  • Dynamic information for meeting rooms or central placed signs
  • Interactivity: Display current and upcoming meetings. Book, extend and end meetings
  • Display multimedia and wayfinding information on centrally placed signs
  • Free choise of hardware based on Windows, IOS, Android or Modulex
Add-Ons for Exchange & Outlook

Add-ons for Exchange & Outlook®

  • Group calender with several views, planning tools, filtering & reports
  • Web based group calender providing remote access
  • Corporate standardized email signatures
  • Receptionist tools

Microsoft Outlook® is a fixture in offices around the world. The powerful email and calendaring software boasts a number of useful features. Part of its power lies in the fact that you can further enhance its functionality with the help of add-ins. Outlook already comes equipped with its own set of default features, but Microsoft also supports various APIs and third-party technologies, enabling customers to extend Outlook’s features to better meet their needs. Microsoft Outlook add-ins help make Outlook faster, more useful, and more efficient.

Thanks to add-ins, users can enjoy added functionality without investing in new infrastructure or learning how to use unfamiliar software. Microsoft Outlook add-ons are a popular solution because they achieve high rates of user adoption and require little to no training to use since they integrate with Outlook® and its user-friendly interface.

From meeting room booking software to group calendars, a variety of Microsoft Outlook add-ins are available to suit your organization’s particular requirements. Add-ons streamline tasks and automate processes. For example, Add-On Products’ resource booking software, Resource Central, automatically sends out invoices to service providers when you order extra services. It also handles all meeting and service cancellations for you, so you can cancel a meeting and notify all attendees and service providers of the cancellation with just the click of a mouse.

Add-On Products also offers the Resource Central booking web app, which allows you to book meetings and resources with a smartphone, tablet or other web-enabled device. The Resource Central web app is compatible with an array of devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and Windows phones. Users can view their calendars, book meetings, and invite attendees, anytime, anywhere.

Add-On Products specializes in developing Microsoft Outlook add-ons. Our innovative solutions allow you to do more in less time with Outlook. To empower Outlook and enhance productivity and efficiency in your organization, contact Add-On Products for more information about our products.

What People Say

Thanks to the implementation of flexible working, Genesis expects to save £1 million year-per-year

Jenny Quigley, Project Manager

Genesis Housing Association, UK

With Resource Central’s advanced booking solution, planning meetings is done much more quickly than before thereby gaining efficiency

Paisha Cook, Mananger Human Resources

Chamber of Commerce WA, Australia


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