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Drive workplace efficiencies, cost savings and better experiences with our flexible products made to adapt to every work model.

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Helping You Create the Modern Workplace

Ensuring workspaces and resources are utilized efficiently and employees are properly supported are key concerns for every business, but especially for those on hybrid or flexible work models.

Add-On Products is proud to offer a suite of workspace management solutions that integrate easily with Microsoft 365 and Office® and are designed to automate and optimize the processes, practices, strategies and tools used to manage and oversee the daily operations of a workplace.

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Why Good Workspace Management Matters

Managing a workplace is a continual process. And good workspace management drives productivity and connection within an organization. From small businesses to larger corporations, a good workspace management program can offer a number of cost-saving and efficiency benefits. Work models will also influence the unique challenges a company faces, which is why a dynamic and flexible workspace management software solution is key today.

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Good workspace management considers the following:

  1. Workspace and resource utilization and allocation
  2. Technology support and integration
  3. Flexibility for hybrid and remote workforces
  4. Collaboration and communication
  5. Maintenance and facility management
  1. Cost efficiency
  2. Sustainability
  3. Employee experience
  4. Safety and health regulations

Designed for Exceptional Workspace Management

Workspace Booking Made Easy

Book and manage meeting and conference rooms, workspaces and resources from within existing Microsoft® applications and connected devices.

Use Resource Central to schedule and manage meetings, find and book open workspaces with color-coded interactive floor plans and QR codes.

Book in advance, on-demand, and on-the-go from Microsoft Outlook® and Add-On Products’ Workspace Booking App.

Resource Central

Workspace App   

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Improve Resource Use and Allocation

Book connected services and resources alongside meeting and conference rooms in one place. Resource Central can also help book and manage related items such as parking spaces, equipment and catering that you need for upcoming meetings or events within Outlook®. Book them once or as a recurring service.

Use Insights alongside Resource Central as well to further optimize resource usage and allocation with real-time detailed analytics and data that can help you implement efficiencies in resource usage and production, while reducing overhead and operations coasts.

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Digital Signage & Smart Sensors

Create a smart office with digital signage, desk booking screens and smart sensors to further automate and optimize workspace management.

Digital conference room signs let you book, confirm, extend and end meetings directly on the touch screen, and syncs with your Microsoft Exchange® server to provide real-time updates and views.

Go one step further with our workplace sensor solution that can automate workspace check-ins, cancellations and no-shows, turn over rooms faster, and give a clearer, more accurate picture of employee workspace usage and behaviors.

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Simplify Visitor Management

Simplify your visitor management process with Resource Central’s visitor management feature that allows front desk staff to quickly check visitors in, print badges and perform barcode scans of badges to keep track of registered visitors.

Automatic notifications via email or text/SMS alert meeting organizers to improve visitor experiences and office flow. You can also keep track of visitors on-site to help maintain security protocols.

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The Benefit of SaaS Workspace Management Software

Cloud-based SaaS workplace solutions offer quick deployment, lower cost, scalability, and mobilization of the workforce with easy integration with legacy solutions, improved collaboration and efficiency and robust security.

For the modern workplace, SaaS resource room booking software can simplify bookings for conference and meeting rooms, hot desks, parking spaces, and more. Employees can also easily use SaaS workspace solutions from desktop or mobile devices, making it quick and easy to handle administrative responsibilities and shift time and focus on more productive tasks.

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Flexible & Secure Workspace Management

Seamlessly Connecting Employees Everywhere

Our flexible workspace management software and solutions are ideal for hybrid and remote workforces because they support collaboration, connectivity, and communication. Integration with Microsoft also means employees can access the tools they need to succeed, wherever they work. In fact, all of our workspace management solutions are uniquely designed to scale as you grow, providing continual support for your evolving workforce.

Resource Central can be installed on-site in, in your own cloud, or in our cloud as a SaaS solution. Workspace is a user-friendly mobile app, and timesaving calendar management software can provide powerful scheduling, planning and reporting tools.

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Securely Protecting Your Data 24/7

Robust security features to protect your data from cyber threats are an integral part of Add On Products’ SaaS solution. Our service provider uses the latest encryption technologies, firewalls and other security measures to make sure your data is always protected.

Your data is stored in secure data centers that are monitored 24/7, providing an added layer of protection that gives you peace of mind and reduces the risk of data breaches.

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A Data-Driven Approach to Workspace Management

Having the right workplace data and analytics can take workspace management to the next level. Rich real-time insights and dynamic business intelligence dashboards and reporting with our Insights solution can help you better understand and optimize your office space and meeting room usage.

Insights integrates with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange and leverages dashboards built with Microsoft Power BI to deliver reports and insights based on your own live datasets from our booking solutions.

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How to Choose the Workspace Solutions You Need

Our workspace management solutions are designed to help you support a collaborative, efficient and sustainable work environment where employee productivity and satisfaction go hand-in-hand.

From resource allocation and technology integration to facility management and safety regulations, our workspace software and on-premises signage and sensor solutions offer you the ability to pick and choose what’s right for your business.

Contact our team today to talk about the challenges you’re trying to solve and get a free demo of our workspace solutions to see which may be the right fit.

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Built to work with existing Microsoft solutions

MS Exchange
Microsoft Teams
Outlook team calendar
Office 365

Workspace Management FAQs

What is workspace management software?


Workspace management software is a centralized tool that allows an organization to manage and optimize office facilities, workspaces, assets, services, technologies and processes related to the workplace experience, either physical or otherwise. It is also known as workplace management software, and ultimately helps to boost productivity, improve space and resource efficiency, drive positive employee experiences, and support sustainability and cost-saving efforts.

How can workspace management solutions help optimize the workplace?


There are a number of benefits to using workspace management solutions. Lower operational and real-estate costs, optimized space and resource usage, enhanced employee connectivity and productivity are just a few. Other key benefits are improved workplace safety, tech stack consolidation, and greater flexibility for remote or hybrid employees and workforces. Read more about how to increase workplace productivity with workspace management tools

How do I know what workspace management solutions I need?


The right workspace management solutions support workforce interactions, relationships, office spaces and other workplace tools. With many of today’s businesses operating hybrid or flexible work models, tech can bridge the gaps in communication that may exist for on-site and off-site employees. Workplace technologies are most effective when chosen with the workforce in mind, so the solutions you will need will be specific to your business and workforce. Contact us to find the solution that fits your organization.

What workspace management solutions are best for flexible workspaces?


Managing flexible workspaces is simple, easy and cost-efficient when done properly. Flexible workspaces include hot desks, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and other collaborative coworking spaces, so it’s important to have real-time, accurate views of workspace availability. And because different employees and teams will have different needs and schedules, flexible workspaces need to be easy to book and manage in the office, and on-the-go.

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