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Optimizing the usage of meeting room and video conferencing technology to lessen environmental impact


The Wessex Water HQ and operations center is known to be one of the greenest offices in Europe. It boasts a cutting-edge design and energy-efficient amenities.

As part of its pledge to the environment, Wessex Water sought to reduce emission levels and implement technology that would make working practices more efficient. The company aimed to reduce travel by using videoconferencing technology and organizing meetings that required minimal travel.

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Optimizing technology usage to lessen environmental impact

The Challenge

The Challenge

In order to accomplish their pledge to the environment and reduce emission levels and implement technology that would make working practices more efficient, Wessex Water needed staff to be able to easily locate and book regional meeting rooms as well as schedule video conferencing calls.

Also, the company wanted to reduce the number of unused meeting rooms at their facility and encourage staff to efficiently manage meeting rooms to prevent them from going empty.

The Solution

The Solution

Wessex Water implemented Resource Central to enhance the room and resource scheduling capabilities of their Microsoft 365 calendaring system.

Staff members can now easily find available meeting rooms and book them along with other resources, such as catering and visitor parking.

Resource Central integrates with touchscreens outside of key meeting rooms so that staff members can see whether a meeting room is free or not and book it on the spot.

Receptionists at Wessex Water can now manage parking spaces for visitors and staff can check on room availability, both remotely and at the office. Resource Central has also streamlined the process for booking Skype for Business meetings in Surface Pro Hub-equipped rooms.

The Company


Water supply and sewage services



“Since implementing our room booking system there’s a definitely better utilization of rooms. If people don’t need them, they are proactively released for someone else to use. And because you can see room capacity when you’re looking for a free room, people can now select a room that is more appropriate to their needs.”

James Eccels, Wessex Water


Wessex Water uses this solution and lessens the environmental impact:

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Resource Central

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