How to streamline meeting room space utilization

How to streamline meeting room space utilization

Space utilization has always been an issue for companies and corporations both big and small. This especially pertains to the booking of meeting rooms and finding ways to make sure groups of all sizes have a room that can satisfy their needs. However, by allowing central personnel, like receptionists, the ability to re-arrange meetings into different rooms, you can fully utilize the space you are operating in.

Help reduce space conflicts

How many of you have had to book a meeting in a room that seats more people than you have invited to the meeting? Maybe you have tried to book a large room but find that the only one available is too small to host your attendees? The problem arises from not knowing how many guests a meeting organizer may have invited to his meeting, and may have booked a room that is much larger than what that person may need. Centralized employees can have a big role in reducing conflicts like this. Reception can see how many guests have been invited to a meeting, and see what room the meeting has been scheduled in. If reception notices a misuse of space, they can arrange the meeting to take place in a different room, saving the larger room for bigger parties.

Use your full meeting room potential

When a receptionist moves a meeting into a different room, a company can improve the utility of the space it is currently operating in. By increasing the utility and functionality of the space they operate in, they can improve efficiency, and get the most out of their existing space, saving overhead costs. Furthermore, there can be more meetings scheduled if the rooms are used to their full potential. With the increase in productivity, companies will be able to be more productive and complete more tasks.

Be more effective with Resource Central’s feature: Booking Manager

By being able to manage meeting rooms more effectively, companies increase their return on investment and utilize the existing space more efficiently than by using our meeting room booking software alone. Resource Central’s feature, ‘Booking Manager’ allows centralized employees, like receptionists, to re-arrange meetings to improve efficiency, saving you money, and time in the process. All necessary staff and attendees are notified of the change in the room, so no one will have to worry about catering not showing up at the correct meeting room, or guests getting lost in the process.

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