Advantages of SaaS Resource Booking Software

Software as a Service (SaaS) allows users to connect to cloud-based apps on the web. SaaS is an alternative to standard, on-premise software installations where you have to build a server, install the application, and configure it in your business environment. SaaS resource booking solutions are pay-as-you-go. You’re essentially renting the use of an app for your organization.

If you’ve ever used web-based email solutions like Gmail or Hotmail, then you’ve used SaaS. With web-based email, the email software is located on the provider’s network and your messages are stored there too. You can access your emails via a web browser on any Internet-connected device.

For small and medium-sized businesses in particular, using SaaS can be advantageous. Add-On Products offers both Resource Central meeting room booking system and Digital Sign Service conference room signs as SaaS solutions. While SaaS offers many advantages, it is not necessarily superior to on-premise software. The following are some of the benefits of using SaaS that might make it the right solution for your organization.

Get Up and Running Quickly

SaaS solutions allow you to get up and running quickly, without the use of your internal IT department, in comparison with on-premise solutions. When you use an SaaS solution, you don’t have to purchase, install, maintain, and update any hardware, middleware, or software. The SaaS provider deploys and manages the application infrastructure and software on your behalf.

Lower Costs

SaaS solutions tend to have lower hardware and software license costs than traditional, on-premise solutions, as they are built into the quarterly and annual subscription fee. However, it takes about three years to break even if you use the on-premise solution, so in the long run, an on-premise solution can be a more cost-effective solution.

When you use SaaS, you don’t have to invest in hardware to deploy the application. Maintenance costs also tend to be lower since the service provider handles backups, data recovery, upgrades, etc. for a fixed rate.

Service Provider Ensures the Availability and Security of the App

SaaS solutions are not hosted on your premises. Add-On Products outsources the storage of infrastructure, middleware, application software, and data of SaaS solutions to Microsoft Azure. It is the responsibility of the service provider to handle app upgrades, uptime, and security. Since the data is stored in the cloud, there is no loss of data if a user’s computer or device fails.


The scalability of SaaS solutions is an important advantage, particularly for organizations with multiple locations and offices spread across multiple countries and continents. When you use SaaS, there is no need to invest in additional server capacity as your organization grows and you open offices in new locations. Simply scale your SaaS subscription up or down based on your usage level, so you’re only paying for what you use.

Mobilize Your Workforce

SaaS is accessible to remote personnel and other employees who are on the go. This helps to mobilize your workforce, giving them access to data and applications anytime, anywhere. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about developing applications that run on different types of devices since the service provider handles this for you.

Want to know if SaaS software is right for you? Add-On Products’ resource booking and digital signage management software is offered both as on-premise software and SaaS, so we can meet the needs of all types of organizations. Please sign up for a free trial or free online demo to learn more!


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