Why Hybrid Workplaces Thrive on Hotdesking

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to close their doors or transition to a remote workforce, we have changed how we approach our jobs. Because of these drastic events, the idea of commuting to a physical office is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and more companies are sticking with an entirely remote workforce or moving to a hybrid workplace.

If your company is moving to a hybrid solution, then you should also consider hotdesking as well. This arrangement, which eliminates assigned seating and allows employees to sit at any open desk, can help your staff be more comfortable and productive at work. Let’s talk about hybrid work and hotdesking and the benefits of both.


First, Create a Hybrid Workspace

Many of the companies that sent employees home to work during the pandemic are now requiring that they come back to the office as a return to normalcy. However, there are many employees who are not happy about returning for a multitude of reasons. Some crave a better work-life balance, while others have kids they need to take care of during the work day, among other reasons.

Some companies need to have employees in the office to handle specific tasks or to have the occasional meeting. However, if management doesn’t need them there all week, then a hybrid arrangement may be the solution. With this setup, you can schedule certain days that your employees come to the office and the rest of the time they work at home.

By allowing your team to work remotely on a part-time basis, your company can save money on utilities and office supplies. You are also likely to have happier employees. Studies show that remote workers are generally happier, and when they are satisfied with their job, then they will show their appreciation through their work.


Then, Incorporate Hotdesking

Once you have a hybrid solution in place, then consider hotdesking. The idea of not having assigned seating and allowing employees to sit in an open space when they come to work may be jarring at first, but in practice, it is actually very helpful.

Both employees and managers can benefit from hotdesking, especially in a hybrid workspace. One of the most obvious benefits is the fact that hybrid offices have employees coming in and out at different times and during different shifts. By having open desks available at all times, employees can get into the office, sit down, and get to work faster, which could make them more productive.

Also, when you don’t have all of your workers in the office at once, and the workstations are open to everyone, then companies can have fewer desks and save money on space and utilities.

Another unexpected benefit that many hybrid workplaces with hotdesking policies may find is that there is also a better chance of tighter collaboration among employees. Cubicles can provide employees with privacy, but they can also keep people apart. By having a hotdesking solution where there is more open space, employees are more likely to interact with each other, and you may see your teams getting together more often. Depending on the layout of the office, this arrangement could also lead to collaboration across different departments, and the results could bring the success of your company to a new level.


How To Make Hotdesking More Productive

While there are many ways that hybrid workplaces can thrive on hotdesking, the process must be done right in order to remain effective and avoid confusion among your team.

One strategy that you could implement right away is a reservation system. This system will allow employees to look at the office layout on the days that they need to come in and look at what desks are available, and then make a reservation to ensure they have a spot. They can also use their mobile device on-the-go to make a desk booking. This is great for the employees but also for the office manager because they can know how many workers to expect and make the proper adjustments.

If management really wants each desk to be universal and open to any employee, they can also implement a Bring Your Own Device policy. This is an arrangement where each employee can bring in their own computers, tablets, and cellphones to use for their work during their shift. There are many great perks to this policy, including the fact that since employees will already be educated on how to use their own devices, your staff can be more productive, and management can spend less time and resources on training.

By having each employee bring their devices home at the end of their shift, you will also be able to declutter the workspace, and when the desks are relatively empty overnight, they are also tidier and easier to clean and sanitize.

A hybrid workspace can be made even better with the implementation of a hotdesking policy. Consider the perks and tips mentioned here, and you could have a workforce that is happy, productive, and eager to please.


Guest post by Sam Bowman

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