How Booking Software Can Help Employees in a Growing Office Space

For the most part, growth is typically a good thing because it proves that your products are selling and that adjustments in your enterprise are necessary for your expanding customer base.

However, while upper management may be excited about the change, on the work floor, it can mean absolute chaos. Employees may be changing roles, learning new tasks, and moving offices, and if the transition isn’t carefully managed, your staff could become stressed.

The solution may be to add booking software into the mix. By scheduling meetings, equipment rentals, and office spaces, you can add some order to the chaos.

Why a Big Transition Can Result in Chaos

It’s inevitable that your employees will start to have certain thoughts and become even slightly anxious when they find that your company is going through a change. There are various types of workplace changes that your company could experience, whether you’re moving to a different office or being acquired by a new company.

If management does not step up and communicate with the team and maintain order, employees could become stressed. Knowing that they will need to learn new systems or work with a new team can be daunting for many.

That’s why management needs to begin speaking to their teams as soon as the transition becomes official. Communicate with the team and tell them the plan for how you will get them up to speed at the new office and what they can expect along the way.

Failure to keep your staff in the loop can be detrimental. If your team is left in the dark, it is only natural that they will begin feeling stressed, and anxiety at work can affect their mental health. When left unchecked, the stress can get so bad that many start to feel burned out and depressed.

The result could be a visible reduction in morale and a decline in productivity. In addition to getting less work done, an employee may also cut corners or not work to their full potential, and that could create a safety issue. These are not issues you want to deal with during a corporate transition.

Workspace booking software can go a long way to keep everyone organized and keep your team on the same page so they can be prepared for what lies ahead.

Booking Software Is a Great Starting Point

In many cases, employees may be in a limbo of sorts as to where they’ll sit and work while the new office is being designed or set up. To make things easier, you might consider hot desking for the time being, which is when employees from different shifts share the same desk space.

This strategy will allow you to cut down on costs and wasted space. You can use booking software to ensure that everyone has a space to sit when they come into work and that you don’t schedule multiple employees for the same desk and create confusion.

Booking software is also important for ensuring that you have meeting rooms available for when you need to communicate new changes and train your employees. When you’re between buildings, it can be easy to accidentally double-book, so use this tech to avoid that confusion.

Now that all of your meetings, training sessions, and desk assignments are organized, you can start to work on improving your workflow management during this challenging time. Workflow management helps you to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your employees now that they have some order in their lives.

Look at the multitude of tasks that your team handles every day and determine how you can take some of the more repetitive things away through automation. When your teams do too much at once, there is a greater risk of errors, and constant multitasking can lead to burnout.

Give your teams plenty of breaks and moments to mentally refresh during this hectic time so they can more easily process the transition.

Communication Is Important, Too

While booking software is key during a move to a larger space, communication is also essential from day one. Clearly define the roles and responsibilities that your employees have from now until the move is complete, and ensure that everyone stays on task without being stretched too thin.

Management should encourage feedback during this time by asking their teams to speak up if they don’t understand their responsibilities or if they have ideas that could help the company during the transition.

You also need to communicate the details of this major change. If the employee’s pay or benefits may change, they are required to drive farther to work, or if any of the perks they enjoy daily may change, then be clear about these changes and don’t hold anything back.

Also, tell your team what is in it for them. For instance, this larger office may provide updated technology or more wellness activities like a built-in gym. By explaining perks, your team may be more open to the change.

Booking software can be an essential part of your company’s plan to move to a larger office space. Consider the perks before your big move, and you can take a lot of the guesswork out of the transition.

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Guest post by Sam Bowman

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