Improve Room Utilization with Full-Service Resource Scheduling Software

Meetings are a part of the daily work routine in most offices, yet one of the costliest and most wasted resources that companies have are their meeting rooms. This is because most offices experience low- to medium-utilization rates of meeting rooms. One of the primary reasons why meeting spaces go unused is that people assume that they are booked when they are actually not. Meeting details tend to change pretty quickly, so a meeting that was booked earlier in the day may no longer be occurring. To prevent these meeting rooms from going unused, it is helpful for meeting organizers to use resource and room scheduling software directly in Outlook® to cancel or modify their reservations with ease.

Using meeting room booking software like Resource Central allows employees to simplify meeting room management and scheduling. Users can quickly and easily find, use, and reserve conference rooms and other spaces in the office from their desktop or mobile device. Rooms can be scheduled anytime, anywhere. Whether you have five conference rooms at one office or five thousand conference rooms in locations around the world, Resource Central can help you manage your workspace efficiently.


Find and Book Meeting Rooms on the Spot with Digital Meeting Room Signs 

Displaying touchscreen digital meeting room signs right outside of meeting rooms and connecting them with your resource scheduling software is a highly effective way to manage room utilization. Digital meeting room signs that utilize software like Digital Sign Service help visitors and employees find meeting rooms, view meeting schedules, and book rooms on the spot. Users can also modify their bookings using the sign if a meeting ends early or if a meeting is canceled. All of the data on the meeting room sign is fed by the meeting and resource scheduling software, so everything is in sync. Any changes made in the meeting and resource scheduling software are automatically updated on the network of digital meeting room signs and vice versa.

In just a few taps, users can book a meeting using a digital meeting room sign. People can determine at a glance whether a meeting room is currently booked or if it’s available. It makes it easier to have spontaneous meetings and also helps to prevent people from accidentally double booking the same space you have already booked for a meeting.


Take the Guesswork Out of Room Utilization & Management with Detailed Reporting 

Making decisions about workspace utilization without relevant data at your fingertips isn’t effective. By knowing what your current room utilization rates are, you can make the best use of your existing space and plan for the future with more accuracy. Without referring to accurate reporting and metrics, you could make decisions about meeting room utilization that lead to waste (i.e., acquiring more spaces than needed) or lost productivity due to not having enough space to conduct important meetings.

Resource Central provides relevant information about meeting and resource utilization, including the number of meetings held, the number of attendees in each meeting, and the capacity of the meeting rooms used. This helps you uncover whether meeting rooms are being used to their full potential. It also helps you determine which meeting rooms are used the most and why. By helping you discover exactly how your workspace is being used and which meeting rooms are over- or under-utilized, you can make proactive decisions about how many conference rooms your company actually needs and optimize your existing meeting space.

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