How to Come up with Creative Meeting Room Names That Reflect Your Company Culture

Meeting room names are important. They embody your company’s identity, values, and culture. If you’re not picking out creative names for your company meeting rooms, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to show off your company’s culture and personality. Interesting meeting room names have the potential to make meetings more fun for clients while boosting employee morale. Creative meeting room names may even enhance creativity during collaborative brainstorming sessions.

It’s important to pick meeting room names that resonate with the people that will be using those meeting rooms. Employees, clients, and prospects are invited to meetings in your meeting rooms, so the names of the rooms will impact how they think and feel about your company.

Having unique meeting room names is also beneficial because it makes your meeting rooms more memorable. People associate the meeting rooms with their names, so they are more likely to recall where the rooms are located and what they look like when they hear their names. After all, a meeting room with a creative name is going to be a lot easier to remember than a meeting room with a generic name like, “Meeting Room B.”


Define Your Brand 

Every brand has a personality. Think about your company’s brand as if it were a person. What are some adjectives you’d use to describe this person? Some examples include sleek, professional, revolutionary, rebellious, modern, simple, whimsical, and caring. Come up with a few words that you feel describe your brand and use these words as a starting point for coming up with meeting room names that fit your brand image.


Use a Theme

One of the most common approaches for naming meeting rooms is through using a theme. This also makes it easier to brainstorm because then the suggested ideas won’t get too far off course. The chosen theme can reflect your company’s brand or culture. For example, Twitter names their meeting rooms after birds, and Instagram has meeting rooms named after locations in Game of Thrones. Some examples of themes that may give you some ideas include famous landmarks, cities, sports teams, presidents, artists, musicians, and movie characters.


Name Rooms as Part of a Team Building Exercise  

Make a team building exercise out of choosing creative meeting room names. Employees could be involved in the name-selection process for the designated area of the building that they work in. Inviting employees to be a part of brainstorming company-wide initiatives is a great idea because it gives them a sense of ownership and pride and becomes a rich source of ideas. You could make it even more exciting by making it a competition, allowing departments, teams or individuals to submit names and vote on their favorites. When the winning teams or individuals are announced, they could be given a prize, such as a catered team lunch.

Not only should you focus on giving your meeting rooms compelling and creative names that reflect your company’s brand image, you should also find ways to streamline and simplify the whole meeting booking process to make meeting room management as hassle-free as possible.

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