Desk Booking and Checking In – Hybrid Work Environment

The Hybrid Work Paradox

Your employees want both the flexibility of remote working from their home office and in-person working at their office. The idea that work only gets done in the office is now being challenged. Today, work gets done in the digital space and is not tied to a specific location. Technology, and an organization’s digital workplace, play a big role in creating an equal work experience, no matter if you work remotely or in person.


How to manage the hybrid office?

With an ever-increasing focus to offer employees the opportunity to mix working from home and the office, management – especially in larger organizations – needs a tool to efficiently manage everything.

We often hear that meeting rooms are booked but for many reasons, nobody is in the room. That challenge can unfortunately also be transferred to the desk booking environment, where organizations experience desks with the status of busy in the system, but not being used.

Effectively managing this hybrid environment is of the utmost importance to ensure your employees can seamlessly transition to work in the office as opposed to working from home.


Managing the in-office desk booking experience

Planning where you wish to work in advance is one way to support a hybrid work environment. However, many organizations will have some employees who just will show up and want to book a workspace upon arrival.

Our Workspace app offers both the option to book workspaces on-the-go as well as planning in advance, directly from your mobile device.

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New QR Code Check-In Option Available

Allowing users to check-in via our Workspace app has been one of the most successful features of the solution. Being praised by many of our customers around the world as the main driver of making it easier for employees to work in their new hybrid environment. One of the main topics for us was how can we take an already great feature and enhance it even more for our clients.

After speaking with our clients and the general market, we have introduced the ability to simply check-in by scanning a QR code which can be placed anywhere in the workspace or on the desk. This new feature brings added value to the built-in reporting feature. Our No-show and Utilization reports will now be more accurate since people will now have to physically be at the workspace to check-in. In addition to this, Workspace will automatically free up workspaces where people do not arrive and check-in. This will ensure enhanced availability for your staff who are looking to work in the office that day. This is a cost-effective solution with little or no maintenance required.



Workspace Booking Digital Display

If you want to enhance your environment even more, we also offer our Workspace Display. This small, cost-effective, digital device simply sits on the desk, allowing users to book, confirm, extend, and even end their reservation utilizing their NFC card.

Learn more about our workspace booking displays. 

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