Guest Registration Outlook Do You Know Whos in Your Building Right Now

Guest Registration Outlook®: Do You Know Who’s in Your Building Right Now?

Many companies still have their visitors sign into a paper guestbook in the reception area. For safety reasons, however, a growing number of organizations are using electronic visitor management systems to automate the sign-in process and control and monitor guest access. An electronic visitor management system, such as a tool that allows for guest registration through Outlook®, can help you manage all incoming and outgoing visitor traffic and make the visitor sign-in process more efficient. Visitors are screened using a computer rather than a sign-in sheet or guestbook.

Electronic visitor management systems allow you to check-in, badge, and register visitors that enter your building. A receptionist can gather information from guests, check their photo IDs to verify their identity, and provide them with high-quality visitor badges in a matter of seconds. Each organization can determine the quantity and type of information they obtain from guests. Information they may collect about each visitor and store in a database includes the name of the person being visited, the meeting organizer, and the expected duration of their visit. Badges are produced with the information collected, so visitors can be identified clearly.

Improve Security and Enhance Your Organization’s Image

The use of safety and security measures at corporate offices, schools, healthcare facilities, and other establishments is growing. While some organizations believe that using paper visitor logs is sufficient, this approach is prone to a variety of security risks and makes it challenging to screen unwanted individuals. Furthermore, it doesn’t give off a professional image to visitors, who may perceive security at your facility as being lax. Visitor privacy is also compromised because visitor information is available for passerby to see in a paper logbook. Another issue with paper-based visitor logs is that guests may only provide their initials or have illegible handwriting, making it nearly impossible to identify names later. False names could also be used. In an emergency, it would be difficult to quickly determine who is left in the building.


Use visitor badges for an easy guest registration with Microsoft Outlook®

Due to terrorist threats and other issues, tighter security has become a necessity. A visitor management system helps ensure that customers, employees, contractors, vendors, and others who pass through your lobby are approved to be in your building. Printing visitor badges also makes authorized visitors clearly identifiable when they are on the premises. Knowing exactly who is in your building and why is essential to improving security. Web-based digital records instantly provide you with an account of visitors in your building, which can be invaluable in an evacuation or other emergency.

Using an electronic visitor management system is a more professional way to manage guests and gives visitors a positive impression of your company. A guest registration tool for Outlook® also frees up your front-desk personnel because they spend less time signing in guests. From arrival to exit, a guest registration system handles visitors with ease and efficiency, which helps reduce labor costs in the long run.

Streamline the Visitor Check-in Process and Improve Safety with Guest Registration for Outlook®

The safety of your organization starts with knowing exactly who is in your building and why. Resource Central is feature-rich, easy-to-use meeting room management software for Microsoft Outlook® that also includes a comprehensive guest registration tool. Resource Central automates the visitor registration process, allowing you to sign guests in, print visitor badges complete with bar codes, and determine who is in your building. Front-desk staff can also use Resource Central to send automated email notifications to hosts when their visitors arrive in order to minimize wait time. To learn more about how Resource Central can help you manage and monitor your company’s visitor traffic and enhance security, please send an email to get a free online demo or trial version of our software.


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