Plan Projects More Efficiently with a Team Calendar for Outlook®

Timesaving Calendar Management Software Solution for Microsoft Outlook®

If you’re working as part of a team, a personal calendaring solution probably won’t suffice. A team calendar management software for Microsoft Outlook® allows you to coordinate schedules and manage activities, tasks, and meetings among team members. With a group calendar, you can monitor all of your deadlines from a single place. A team calendar aligns people, tasks, and meetings, so you know exactly who is doing what and when. It also arms you with powerful tools that save you time and simplify project planning and execution.

A group calendar allows you to keep track of your projects and your colleagues’ schedules in one place. The team calendar integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook®, so you don’t have to learn a new system or manage separate group calendar software. The team calendar is like an extension of your personal calendar in Microsoft Outlook®. Whether you are a sales manager, project manager, or consultant, having a team calendar at your fingertips can help you plan and schedule projects more efficiently and keep everyone up-to-date.


Enhance your group efforts with a team calendar for Microsoft Outlook®

Team projects typically consist of an endless stream of phone calls, meetings, events, deadlines, and deliverables. Keeping everything coordinated can be extremely challenging. With a calendar management software solution for Microsoft Outlook® like Exchange Central, it’s easy to stay on top of important project tasks, events, and deadlines in one place to improve your planning efforts. It gives you an easy and secure way to organize meetings and schedule appointments.

Using team calendar management software also helps you identify ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of your department or team. You can generate reports that reveal how departments and staff have been spending their time, so you can determine what’s working and what isn’t. By evaluating how much time your team is spending on certain tasks, you can measure employee effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

Drag and Drop Appointments Between Multiple Calendars

There’s no need to send out standard Microsoft Outlook® meeting requests if you use group calendar software like Exchange Central. Quickly check your team members’ availability and book appointments in their calendars using the software’s drag-and-drop function. Exchange Central’s planning tools make project planning quicker and more efficient by enabling project managers to create group calendars consisting of only their team members for the duration of each project. Exchange Central also allows project managers to assign tasks to team members using the drag-and-drop function.

Get User-Friendly Overviews of Multiple Calendars

See exactly what you need and hide what you don’t need by creating user-friendly overviews of different team calendars. You can choose from the following timeline views:

  • Day
  • Month
  • Year

Filter calendars based on various factors, such as department, location, and project. This allows you to view calendars that are specific to your needs at any given time.

The overviews of multiple calendars are also useful for receptionists, who need access to multiple staff calendars to be able to provide up-to-date information to visitors and clients. Providing receptionists with quick and easy access to information about staff availability while they are on the phone with customers or attending to visitors ensures good customer service.

Save Time

Use a team calendar for Outlook® to reduce the time you spend on project planning

A team calendar management solution for Microsoft Outlook® eliminates the need for emailing and calling team members to determine when everyone is available to meet. Teams and departments can use a shared group calendar to coordinate schedules and stay on top of meetings and project tasks. Everyone from a consultant planning a client project to a sales manager scheduling client visits for salespeople can benefit from the time-saving features that a shared group calendar offers.

Improve Your Project Planning Efforts with Exchange Central

A shared Microsoft Outlook® calendar makes it easier for everyone to stay on schedule and be productive. If you’re looking for a team calendar management software for Microsoft Outlook® that comes equipped with user-friendly overviews and a time-saving drag-and-drop function for scheduling meetings and assigning tasks, try Exchange Central. Exchange Central is Add-On Products’ group calendar add-on for Microsoft Outlook® that offers a powerful suite of planning tools. Contact us today if you’d like to sign up for a free trial or free online demo of Exchange Central.

Add-On Products also offers WebTeam Central, a web based team calendar for Microsoft Outlook®.


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