How to Prevent Unauthorized Usage of Meeting Rooms with RFID-Capable Digital Meeting Room Signs

Digital signage allows businesses to easily keep staff informed of room availability and meeting schedules while optimizing meeting room usage. Add-On Products recently rolled out an update in Digital Sign Service version 4.0 that further strengthens the capabilities of our conference room sign solution. Our digital displays are now integrated with RFID technology.

Digital signage equipped with RFID readers enhance security and accountability by requiring users to identify themselves using an RFID card in order to confirm meeting bookings or set up new meetings using digital meeting room signs. If the organizer does not show up and confirm the meeting, the room is automatically freed up for others to use.


What Is RFID and How Does It Work? 

RFID, which stands for radio-frequency identification, is a form of NFC (near field communication) that uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. In order for RFID technology to work, there needs to be both an RFID tag and reader.

An RFID tag can be incorporated into just about anything. For example, RFID data can be read through clothing, non-metallic items, or the body, to name a few things. In the case of Digital Sign Service, the RFID tag is placed in a card. Some other examples of RFID technology include microchips for animals and EZPass for paying tolls. Digital Sign Service is hardware-agnostic, so not all of the digital signage that is compatible with Digital Sign Service has an RFID card reader built in.


Steps to Use Digital Sign Service’s RFID Technology

Users can take the following steps when using Digital Sign Service’s RFID technology:

  • Take a card and hold it up over the reader in the digital display
  • Book a meeting in their own name in a specific meeting room
  • Confirm, extend, or cancel meetings they have already booked


With RFID card reader-enabled digital signs, your meeting room signs can optionally be restricted to authorized cardholders. This prevents people from tinkering with meeting bookings that aren’t their own or using meeting rooms without authorization. Alternatively, employees could enter a personal PIN number into meeting room digital signs for authentication purposes.


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  • We provide you the displays with pre-installed software
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  • We will have our Professional Services team remotely configure the server software for you
  • All you need to do is point the software on the displays to the server URL (we use Microsoft Graph for integration with Exchange / Microosoft 365)

Implementing RFID-enabled digital signs has never been this easy!


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