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Options for Customizing Meeting and Conference Room Signs

When it comes to helping visitors and employees better navigate the office, digital signage solutions can go a long way in driving both the visibility and efficiency of workspace availability and usage.

Some of the benefits of using meeting room and desk displays include:

  1. Easy and quick to view workspace availability
  2. Ability to report workspaces needs or issues to resolve
  3. Create, confirm and edit meetings directly on the touch screen
  4. Optimizing meeting and conference room utilization
  5. Promote company branding and news
  6. Enhancements to on-site security

Read more about the full benefits of meeting room displays here.

With these benefits in mind, what are some customization considerations to keep in mind? Do you need to also consider desk booking screens alongside larger display signs? Below, we look at what customization options to consider and the potential value in pairing digital signage solutions with desk booking screens.

How to Customize Digital Signage Solutions

There are a variety of options available for customizing our digital conference room signs. Some are visual, while others are technical. Both offer opportunities to enhance workspace oversight and to streamline management and bookings.

1 – Match your company’s brand

Digital meeting room signs can be an easy way to match and support company brand recognition. Add in company logos, colors, fonts and images to existing or custom sign templates. Configure signs to display videos or background images that showcase your corporate branding.

2 – Set up as digital guiding tools for employees/visitors

Add-On Products’ Digital Sign Client can improve internal and external communications in a few ways. Help guests and employees find the right meeting room with meeting room naming and showcasing real-time updates. Signs can also be configured to showcase other relevant information or to serve as a meeting directory for viewing a list of events in several conference rooms around the facility.

Learn more about this feature as a complete solution with hardware included here.

3 – Easily change and customize displays as needed

As company branding evolves or events come up, changing visual displays may be needed. With the built-in template editor, it’s easy to create unique digital conference room sign layouts. Change up logos, colors, fonts and images. Uniquely designed templates can also be created and leveraged. Updating display visuals is quick too. Use the centralized web-based dashboard for controlling and updating the layout of digital room signs from one single location.

4 – Enhance workplace security

With many businesses operating a hybrid workplace where employees and visitors are continually coming and going, ensuring security and accountability is paramount. That’s why one of the options available with Add-On Products’ digital signage solutions is RFID authentication. With RFID card reader-enabled digital signs, you can restrict access and usage to authorized cardholders. This prevents individuals from changing meeting bookings or using workspaces without authorization. RFID authentication is a great feature for companies hosting events throughout the year.

5 – Simplified integration with existing technology

Add-On Products’ software supports iOS, Android and Windows, which allows companies to select the hardware that best matches their existing interior tech setup and design. Digital Sign Client seamlessly integrates digital signs with the Microsoft platform to automatically pulling in meetings booked in Outlook onto the appropriate meeting room sign and allow you to make changes via the touch screen feature on the sign display.

Most importantly, our carefully selected group of technology partners enables us to offer a variety of high-quality signs with pre-installed software that work for your business.

Combine Desk Booking Screens and Digital Signage for More Value

Built for Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange and Microsoft 365, Add-On Products’ desk booking screens offer a quick and easy booking and workspace optimization solution. They also can act as in-room booking screens, making it easy to manage workspaces on the spot.

Desk booking screens are great to use in offices where digital sign displays are used for informing employees or visitors about the space (name of space, meetings happening or coming up, and occupancy). In this situation, they can act as the primary booking management tool.

Simply locate the unoccupied workspace, tap the touch screen and book the desired space.  Desk booking screens also offer enhanced security options with RFID/Pin-code access. They can also be customized with templates to match company branding like our digital signage solutions. This provides a seamless and branded experience that leaves employees/visitors with a positive and consistent experience.

Ultimately, digital signage solutions for both inside and outside meeting and conference room spaces can help enhance visibility, improve information delivery and streamline workspace usage and management.

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