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Workspace management technologies that make it easy for employees to book desks safely, quickly and flexibly.

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All of our desk management and workspace booking software solutions are designed to help your businesses automate and improve workspace usage and management processes in today’s evolved workplace. Below are some of the features and benefits that have made our workspace management solutions trusted worldwide.

Trusted Worldwide

Workspace Management Designed for Employees

Our desk management software solutions are built for Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft 365, Teams and the Exchange Server to bring a user-friendly, streamlined desk booking experience to employees across any size organization.

With the desk booking software built into our Resource Central and our Workspace Booking App, your staff can work more efficiently in a shared and hybrid workspace. Quickly find and book desks or other workspaces with the touch of a button and on-the-go, manage your workspace and meeting reservations across your devices, and easily find colleagues and access resources.

And to make things even easier at the office, we also offer dynamic digital desk booking screens that can also double as meeting room booking displays. Desk booking screens can also be combined with Workspace for added flexibility and ease.

Key Workspace Challenges Solved

Safe, Secure Workspace Management

Resource Central’s workspace management features help your staff safely work onsite. An interactive, color-coded floor plan of your office gives a real-time view of which workspaces are available to book, and lets you decommission the ability to book desks to help reduce workspace density, control space and capacity, and satisfy employee health and safety standards.

Employees can pre-book their desk or workspace and even book open desks onsite with QR codes.

Learn more about how our products help you provide safety and confidence →
Designed for the Flexible Workforce

Today’s workforce values their time and a work-life balance, looking to reduce commute times and work more flexibly. Offices are now more about collaboration and key meetings versus a daily place of work. To help organizations simplify the issue of flexible desk management, we offer a hot desk booking software solution that improves efficiency, cut costs and help employees quickly and easily find the workspace they need when they need it.

  • Filter and select resources by category or location
  • View available workstations or hot desks at a glance
  • Book desks in advance or schedule them on the spot
  • Desk management solutions built for onsite and on-the-go to adapt for a flexible workforce organization
  • Find colleagues and book desks nearby – either when pre-booking or when on-site
  • Desk management from our Kiosk with overview booking screens visible in reception areas or entryways
  • Book a desk within a pooled resource group
View more information and benefits about hot desk booking →
Built for Easy User Adoption

Our solutions make it easier for your employees to book desks and other workspaces through existing office solutions they already use. Both Resource Central and the Workspace Booking App are built for Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft 365, Teams, and the Exchange Server, which makes it easier for employees to book desks, find colleagues, and book workspaces nearby.

There’s no extra learning curve either since our products are already integrated into the office solutions your employees use every day.

Combine Desk Management with Displays

Our digital desk booking screens help maximize space utilization, reduce overhead costs and make on-site workspace management easy. With a sleek, intuitive touch screen, workspace management can be done quickly in realtime to adapt to evolving employee needs.

  • Book, cancel or extend meetings in a few taps
  • Uses LED status light to show workspace availability status
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Make booking workspaces on-site quick and easy
  • Can double as meeting room booking displays
  • Combine with the Workspace booking app for enhanced flexibility
Get more information about our desk booking screen solutions →

Improve your workspace management

Future-proof your desk management

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic work environment, the efficient management of workspaces has become essential for organizations to maximize productivity, foster collaboration, and promote employee satisfaction.

This is where workspace management tools like Resource Central and the Workspace Booking App play a crucial role. These tools enable your organization to effectively book and allocate resources, analyze, track utilization, and adapt to changing needs, ultimately leading to improved business outcomes and employee retention.

desk management

Space planning is a fundamental aspect of workspace management. Space requirements and the layout of the workspace can vary over time, and it can be a good idea to take into consideration different activities and teams.

By strategically allocating areas for workstations, meeting rooms, shared spaces, and other functional areas, your organization can optimize workflow, meet departmental needs, and enhance collaboration.

The customizable color-coded floorplans in our desk management software give you an interactive real-time view of available workspaces.

Realtime, Color Coded Floor Plans for the Workspace app

Resource allocation

– a vital component of workspace and desk management. It encompasses the efficient management of resources within the workspace, such as meeting rooms, equipment, and shared amenities.

By implementing scheduling and reservation systems or tools, your organization can ensure the optimal utilization of resources, preventing conflicts or bottlenecks that can hinder productivity.

desk management

Utilization tracking

Provides valuable insights into how workspace resources and areas are being used.
By monitoring and analyzing usage patterns and trends, your organization can identify areas for improvement, optimize space allocation, and uncover underutilized areas. This data-driven approach empowers decision-makers to make informed choices regarding workspace design and expansion, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the workspace.

Read more about how the workplace analytics solution Insights can help you make choices.

desk management

Flexibility and agility

A flexible and agile workplace is crucial in today’s ever-evolving work landscape. Effective workspace management tools enable organizations to adapt to changing needs and accommodate various work styles. This may involve incorporating flexible work arrangements like hot-desking, shared workstations, or remote work options.

By providing a mobile and dynamic workspace environment, your organization can support the workforce’s evolving needs. Our Smart Office Solutions can support flexible desk management and an agile workspace environment.

Sensor integration makes desk management even easier. Sensor solutions can for example automate check-ins, canceled bookings and no-shows and thus improve the usage and management of workspaces and resources.

Find out how sensor solutions can help to improve workspace management.

desk management

Implement new desk management policies without problems

Desk management software streamlines the implementation of policies, automates enforcement, provides real-time visibility, and offers data-driven insights. By leveraging these features, you can effectively implement and monitor new policies, ensuring compliance and optimizing workspace utilization.

Desk management software

  • provides a centralized platform where you can define and manage your policies
  • allows you to set rules for desk reservations, such as maximum booking duration or limits on the number of bookings per person
  • reduces the need for manual oversight and ensures policy compliance
  • provides real-time visibility into workspace utilization and reservations
  • allows you to take proactive measures and address policy violations
  • offers flexibility to accommodate different policies and adapt to evolving needs
  • can be customized to support your specific policies and requirements
  • allows you to gain insights into the effectiveness of your policies and ensures that your policies align with actual usage patterns
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FAQ - Desk Management Software

What can I use desk management software for?


Desk management software is an essential tool for businesses looking to optimize their use of office space and resources. By providing a range of features to help your business manage desks more effectively, the software can help to improve productivity, reduce costs, and create a more efficient and effective workplace.

By using Add-On Products’ desk booking software staff can work more efficiently in a shared and hybrid workspace. It makes it easy to find and book desks or other workspaces, manage workspace and meeting reservations across devices, and easily find colleagues and access resources.

This kind of workspace management can also help your business optimize the use of office space by tracking desk usage and identifying areas where space is being underutilized.

How does the workplace management solution support a flexible workforce?


Add-On Products’ workplace management solutions are designed for a flexible workforce. Flexible desk management helps organizations simplify workspace management. Our hot desk booking solution makes finding a workspace quick and easy. There are different options and you can combine them. Use for example the booking system Resource Central or the Workspace booking app and combine them with QR codes, booking displays or overview screens.

You can filter and select resources by category or location and view available desks at a glance. Book a room or workspace in advance or schedule them on the spot. You can also easily find where your colleagues are seated and book a desk nearby so you can collaborate.

What is workspace and desk management?


Workspace management refers to the practice of efficiently organizing and optimizing physical work environments to enhance productivity, collaboration, and employee satisfaction. It involves the strategic planning, design, and maintenance of workspaces to align with the needs and objectives of an organization and its workforce. Workspace and desk management software make it easy for employees to book desks safely, quickly and flexibly.

How can I improve my desk management?


There are different ways to improve your company’s desk management, depending on which strategies and software you already use. To improve your desk management, software like Resource Central or the Workspace Booking App can help you to make space planning easier. With the help of interactive real-time view floorplans, desk management software makes it easy to see and book available workspaces and helps to prevent conflicts. It also ensures optimal utilization.

If you choose a data-driven approach to monitor and analyze usage patterns, workplace analytics software like Insights empowers decision-makers to make informed choices for workspace design and future planning.

You can also incorporate options like hot-desking and shared workstations in your desk management to create a mobile and dynamic workspace environment to support evolving needs.

What People Say

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From an IT and Digitalization perspective, Add-On Products has been a competent supplier for 10 years. They have provided great input in relation to future development of the solution in accordance with Aarhus Municipality's needs. Most recently they have assisted in an innovative booking project that will make the solution available to a completely new user group.

Søren Laursen, Chief Consultant

Aarhus Municipality, Denmark

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"Our staff are very comfortable using Resource Central to manage their diaries and meetings"

Ian Scullion, Project Manager

Manchester Primary Care Trust, UK

Testimonial image

"The main reason we chose Resource Central is that it supports multiple companies and is easy to use and operate. Having a single solution for all the companies to operate has been a real benefit."

Svein Arne Hammersland, Manager ICT

Sparebanken Vest, Norway

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