Can Sensor Solutions Help You Improve Resource Utilization and Workspace Management?

Can Sensor Solutions Help You Improve Resource Utilization and Workspace Management?

As the workplace has evolved into a more technologically dynamic environment, many organizations have begun to implement occupancy sensors and connected software solutions. This is just one more advancement in creating the modern smart office.

To help businesses with a flexible or hybrid workforce, Add-On Products has recently released a brand-new Office 365 integrated sensor solution that works with Office 365.

Below, we look at the key benefits this new integration solution can provide including better resource utilization, workspace management and understanding, and a few surprise employee benefits you may not have considered.


New Sensor Integration Solution Drives Resource Use Optimization

Our new sensor solution works with a variety of occupancy sensor and workplace sensor products. It lets room or desk sensor’s API communicate within the Microsoft Office 365 to provide smarter insights and capabilities for workspace and office management.

With smart sensors and our new sensor software, you could help improve the usage and management of desks, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and other workspace resources.

Some of the benefits an organization could see include:

  1. Automate workspace check-ins, cancellations and no-shows
  2. Expedite meeting room turnover and cleanings
  3. Get a clearer picture of employee workspace usage and behaviors to identify waste and efficiency opportunities
  4. Reduce or eliminate unnecessary administrative work to correctly see desk and meeting room availability
  5. Instantly book meetings with meeting room occupancy sensors that work with Office 365
  6. Smarter resource and service management with automated cancellations when no movement is detected
  7. Extend or end meetings as needed

View other key features and functionalities here.


Get a More Comprehensive Understanding of Workspaces

One of the most expensive costs of keeping a physical office is unused workspaces. Space optimization and make informed decisions for workspace management based on reporting integral for long-term cost-efficiencies and workspace optimization.

With our new sensor software, you can always know what workspaces and resources are open or booked. This also helps to simplify employee workspace management.


How do the sensors work with Add-On’s workspace business solutions?

When a sensor registers movement, the workspace or room will appear closed on Resource Central, Workspace and in-office booking system screens. Occupied spaces will appear red. The converse is also true. Workspaces where no movement is detected will appear green, or available. Workspace that gets automatically cancelled due to no-shows will update in real-time from red to green.

Moreover, associated resources and service management is automated thanks to occupancy sensor integration. Both resources and services can be automatically cancelled when movement is not detected by a meeting room sensor, desk occupancy sensor, or other office sensor. Service suppliers are then notified if an item or service is no longer needed and can either not provide the service or proceed to clean up the room for faster turnover.


See how the sensor solution can benefit your employees and organization


Employee Benefits of Sensor Solution Integration

Beyond benefits to workspace and resource management, occupancy sensors and our sensor software also provide some wins for employees.

Because desk and meeting room sensors can communicate to the Office 365 resource, this allows employees to instantly book the room they walked into if it’s open and free.

Employees also no longer have to worry about confirming bookings. Movement within a meeting room or on/near a reserved desk will activate the desk sensor and enable Office 365 to confirm the workspace booking. This simplifies and expedites both room and space check-ins for employees.

Finally, sometimes life happens. Traffic, car accidents, or a sick family member. For offices with flexible or hybrid employees, not having to worry about cancelling booked hot desks is a helpful feature. Fortunately, our new sensor solution helps with this. If movement is not detected by a sensor on a desk after a while (customizable period), the workspace reservation will be cancelled. The space will then appear open for other employees to book or just sit down at the free desk.


Create a Smarter Workspace and Hot Desking Experience with Sensors

Want to learn more about how our Office 365 integrated sensor solution can connect sensors and Office 365 for more efficient and accurate workspace management?

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