How to Maximize Space with Healthcare Meeting Room Booking Solutions

Healthcare organizations typically strive to keep costs down while delivering a high standard of care. One way that organizations in the healthcare industry can lower operational costs is by maximizing their real estate and increasing their productivity through improving the meeting and room booking process.

Some of the challenges associated with managing meeting rooms include the difficulty of finding meeting rooms when you need them, no shows, double bookings, and overcrowding. Using a meeting room booking system to schedule your meeting rooms can provide ROI by saving staff members time and ensuring that office space is used in the most efficient way possible.

Meeting scheduling software for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange helps you schedule meeting rooms, conference rooms, desks, and other office resources anytime, anywhere, and from any device. You can filter meeting rooms and resources in the system based on region, country, or office.

Using scheduling software prevents double bookings and no shows. You can also view floor maps showing exactly what the capacity of each meeting room is, so you can book the right room for your needs. Additionally, scheduling software provides useful insights into room and resource utilization at your facility, helping to inform real estate decisions and choices made about workspace and conference room layout.


Book Conference Rooms and Workspaces Across Time Zones and Locations

Healthcare facilities often need to host meetings across many locations and time zones. A meeting room booking system makes it easy to do so. The nature of work in healthcare organizations has also changed in recent years, with a growing number of employees working remotely or on flexible schedules. Therefore, it’s common for healthcare organizations to use flexible workspaces and hot desks. Workers can use a desk booking app to find and book the workspace they need, even before they arrive at the office.


Take Control of Conference Spaces with Digital Meeting Room Signs

For hospitals and other healthcare facilities, conference room signs that are integrated with your meeting room booking system can be used to welcome visitors and improve their overall experience. Digital signs outside of conference rooms show room schedules outside of each door, and the information is displayed in real-time because it is pulled from Outlook®.

By using touchscreens as conference room signs, you can present users with information on room availability and then allow them to book the room on the spot. Digital meeting rooms signs also make it easier to identify meeting rooms so that employees and visitors can find their meetings. Users can book, start, extend, or cancel meetings right on the room sign to effectively manage meeting space.


Get a Clear Understanding of How Space is Used at Your Healthcare Facility 

Detailed reports about space and resource usage at your facility can help you better manage costs and ensure that space is used as effectively as possible. You can generate reports to track user activity, room utilization, booking history, canceled bookings, and other metrics to gain insights to determine how to best manage conference rooms and workspaces.

Resource Central is a meeting room booking system for Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange, and 365 that helps you reduce administrative time, effectively utilize space, and streamline meeting booking processes at your healthcare facility.

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