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How do Agile Working and Flexible Workplaces Interact?

“Agile” and “flexible” may seem synonymous, but when it comes to the workplace they are two distinct things.


What is Agile Working?

Agile working is really a working model, and it is defined by Habit Action as being “about bringing people, processes, connectivity and technology, time and place together to find the most accurate and effective way of working to carry out a particular task.”

Agile working is about working within the guidelines of a given task without boundaries around how you achieve it.


What is a Flexible Workplace?

A flexible workplace is a company that allows employees the freedom to choose some combination of how they work, where they work, and when they work. Flexible workplace models and rules vary by company, but in essence, they allow employees more control and customization over their working days and hours. For example, some may allow employees to work at home, while others require 2-3 days in the office.

Often flexible workplaces provide technology solutions to adapt for hybrid work models, have physical offices with hot desks and shared meeting spaces as well.

But with so much freedom, how can agile working thrive in a flexible workplace?


Setting Up a Flexible Workplace for Agile Working

For agile working to be successful, employees must be connected throughout the company. And in a flexible workplace, technology plays a central role in accomplishing this. Because agile working requires connecting people and processes, a flexible workplace with an agile workforce will need:

1. The ability to let employees communicate across workspaces
2. The ability to schedule workspaces as needed including desks, meeting rooms, and conference rooms
3. The ability to operate on a centralized, connected system for seamless resource and operations efficiencies
4. The ability to set up teams together for in-office meetings and events


Some technology solutions that can help support a flexible workspace include:

1. A centralized email and messaging solution such as Microsoft 365 and Outlook®
2. A desk and meeting room booking software solution
3. A desk booking solution that allows employees to find and book near colleagues
4. A mobile desk booking app that enables workers to streamline meeting and workspace management needs quickly and easily, and remotely


Enabling an agile working approach can help any organization to simplify and optimize processes and tasks. And with a flexible workplace (that already offers numerous benefits), making adjustments to support an agile working approach could help to further cost savings and productivity gains.

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