Pre-Register External Visitors for Meetings with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange

Pre-Register External Visitors for Meetings with Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange

Our world has become increasingly technology-driven, but the power of meetings cannot be denied, even in the digital age. While emails and social media interactions can be a powerful way to communicate with people across distances, videoconferences and face-to-face meetings are the most effective at building trust and long-term partnerships. Meetings are effective business facilitators, but many people are not fond of them, not only because they take a lot of time to carry out, but also because they are a hassle to schedule.

From finding the right sized meeting room and checking its availability, to gathering the necessary equipment and inviting attendees, scheduling meetings can be time-consuming. Meetings can be especially tough to schedule when there are many participants involved, even more so if they are spread across multiple locations.


Easily Invite External Attendees to Meetings with Meeting and Resource Booking Software

Using meeting and resource booking software is instrumental in allowing you to easily schedule meetings and events with both internal and external attendees. Resource Central is a meeting and resource booking tool from Add-On Products that will transform the way your organization manages meeting rooms and workspaces. By offering real-time information on room and resource availability and helping staff book resources and invite attendees in just a few clicks, Resource Central allows users to seamlessly book meetings and resources.

Typically, if you want to invite external visitors to a meeting at your organization in Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange, you have to go to your Outlook® calendar, create the meeting, and then type in the email addresses of the attendees. Alternatively, you could book the meeting and forward the invite to external attendees after the fact.

With Resource Central, the process is simplified. If you’re looking for a quicker and more direct way to invite external attendees to your meetings, you can use the My Visitors tool in Resource Central. My Visitors displays a list of all of your external visitors and allows you to invite them to your meetings. By pre-registering your visitors with Resource Central’s My Visitors tool, you will be able to invite external attendees to meetings quickly, without having to enter their information each and every time you organize a meeting.


Manage Meetings More Effectively with Resource Central

Modern businesses have employees and stakeholders across multiple locations and even the entire globe. Business meetings are effective at bringing people together and facilitating collaboration, but it’s necessary to have access to a meeting room booking solution that streamlines meeting booking and allows meeting organizers to quickly invite attendees from inside or outside of the organization.

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