How to Analyze Meeting Room and Workspace Usage with Reporting Tools

Are you looking for ways to maximize the usage of office space?

As today’s companies move to lower costs and workplaces become increasingly flexible and agile, efficiently managing workspaces has become a top priority. Real estate is one of an organization’s largest expenses. Companies are moving to reduce the cost of real estate by changing the usage and configuration of their workspace or moving their offices to less expensive locations. But how can you monitor the workspaces’ utilization and gather meeting room usage statistics to make better business decisions?

Whether you’re a facility manager, CIO, or event planner, meeting room, hot desk, and resource booking software with reporting allows you to keep better track of resources and workspace usage at your facility. You can generate detailed reports about workspace and meeting room usage for recordkeeping purposes. Reports let you know how space is used, so you can determine how much and what kind of meeting room space you need and what you don’t need, ultimately helping to lower overhead costs.

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Reports also provide intelligence on the use of resources, so you can determine which resources are used the most frequently and when. User activity is another area that you can evaluate by generating reports on which individuals, groups, and departments book meeting rooms and resources.

Keep Track of No-Shows

One of the most frustrating room booking issues that organizations deal with is no-shows. This occurs when people book a meeting room but don’t show up. Through reporting, companies can keep track of who is contributing to no-shows.

Monitor Room Occupancy

Unused or misused space can be expensive for your organization. In order to better understand what kind of space is required to meet the needs of your organization, you can monitor room occupancy with reporting. For example, if you frequently find through examining reports that large conference rooms designed to accommodate 15 people are being used by just a handful of people, you may determine that you need to reallocate your office space and create smaller meeting spaces.

Track Costs of Extra Services

Generate reports to evaluate the costs associated with meetings and events. Extra services you might need to keep track of include catering and the rental of audiovisual equipment. By analyzing service utilization rates, you can uncover ways to lower operating costs.

Monitor Visitors

Generate reports on the visitors who come to your facility. These reports are an accurate digital record of all visitors who have come to your facility. You can use them to determine how many people come to your office on a daily, monthly, and weekly basis, as well as determine peak times for visitors.

Get the Insights You Need to Boost Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Resource Central is a meeting room and resource booking software from Add-On Products that integrates with Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange. Resource Central offers a fully customizable reporting solution that also comes with built-in reports, so you can focus on the data that matters to you most. Reports can be used to track meeting room and resource usage, monitor visitors, and track meeting costs. Reports can be exported into PDF, Excel, and other useful formats, so you can easily review meeting room usage statistics and use them to help you make informed business decisions.

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