Does Resource Central Work with Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange, Azure, and Microsoft 365?

If you’re looking for a meeting room or desk booking system and you came across Resource Central, you might be wondering: does Resource Central work with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Azure, and 365? The answer is a resounding, “yes!”

Resource Central is a leading meeting management software platform that was built specifically for use with Microsoft products. Add-On Products has worked closely with Microsoft since its inception and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.



Resource Central is a meeting room booking system that has been built directly into Outlook, Exchange, and Azure. This provides our customers with a single source of truth for meeting room and resource information. The data in Resource Central is housed in Exchange, so no additional integrations, synchronizations, or copies of data are needed, as is the case with competing meeting room management platforms.

Resource Central’s seamless integration with Microsoft products is beneficial for large enterprises because it is scalable and secure. It also allows for quick, easy access to information.

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