Order Catering & Other Services for your Meeting with Resource Booking Software

Order Catering & Other Services for your Meeting with Resource Booking Software

The old method for ordering drinks and refreshments for meetings was tedious and error prone. If meetings got canceled, service providers didn’t always receive a notification and therefore food went to waste. There wasn’t a quick way for meeting organizers to update their existing orders and send service providers their orders.

With Resource Central resource booking software, meeting organizers can order exactly what they want right from their desktop computer or mobile device at the same time that they book their meeting. When they book a meeting and order an extra service like catering, they are required to complete an order form, which is then automatically sent to the service provider.

User-Friendly Ordering Features

Food items can be purchased individually, or they can be grouped together and purchased as a full menu. For example, a full lunch menu might include sandwiches, soft drinks, and fruit. Nutrition information is displayed for each menu item, and the information is easily searchable, so meeting organizers can search for specific types of foods. For example, a meeting organizer may need to search for foods that don’t contain gluten.

Resource booking software makes it easy to find foods that meet specific dietary requirements. In some countries and localities, displaying nutritional information is a legal requirement. Resource Central makes it easy for businesses to comply with regulations of that nature. All you have to do is click on an icon next to a menu item to view nutritional information and other details. Menu items can even include a photograph, so you can see exactly what an item looks like. Ordering catering with Resource Central is quick and simple, making it easy to find exactly what you want.

Order Items for a Group

Instead of entering the exact quantity of each item you want from a menu, simply type in the number of people who will be attending the meeting and then check off a checkbox next to each item you’re ordering to auto-populate the quantity to match the number of attendees. This saves you time and ensures you order enough for everyone.

Keep Track of Orders

Resource Central shows you a list of all of your orders, which are color coded according to their status. You can customize the colors you use to classify your orders. The different order statuses include new, changed, confirmed, declined, arranged, locked, and canceled.

The use of resource booking software isn’t just restricted to catering. Other services that you can book with the software include table setup and A/V equipment. Resource Central allows you to centrally manage resource bookings for multiple locations and resources can vary per location and even down to specific meeting room.

Once you make the switch to Resource Central, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Whether you are at a large corporation, government organization or small business with meeting rooms, you can enjoy the benefits of using Resource Central. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save time, reduce waste, and plan meetings and events more efficiently.

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