How to Schedule a Meeting in Outlook

Do you want to learn how to create a meeting in Outlook? Microsoft Outlook® allows you to schedule meetings with another person or group of people. The people you invite to the meeting will receive an email invitation containing the meeting details and they can accept or decline the invite. Outlook adds the meeting to their calendar as well as your own and allows you to track attendees’ responses.

When you learn how to set up a meeting in Outlook, you might also see the option to create an appointment. Appointments are meant just for you, while meetings are for inviting other people. There are a few different ways to create a meeting request in Outlook:

  • From your Outlook inbox, select New Items > Meeting.
  • From the Calendar view, select New Meeting.
  • From an email message in the Inbox, select the Reply with Meeting button.


To schedule a meeting in Outlook from your Calendar, take the following steps:

  1. Select New Meeting.
  2. If you want to schedule a one-time meeting, skip this step and go straight to step 3. To schedule a recurring meeting, select Recurrence. A dialog will pop up where you can select the time, pattern, and date range of the recurrence. When you’re done making your selections, hit OK.
  3. Add people you want to invite to the To They can either be Required or Optional attendees.
  4. Add the title of the meeting to the Subject
  5. Enter the Location of the meeting. If you’re planning a virtual meeting or videoconference, you can put the videoconferencing number or link here. If you are using Microsoft Outlook® with an Exchange server, use the Room Finder feature to locate a meeting room.
  6. Select the meeting Start time and End time. Use the Scheduling Assistant to determine when attendees are available and select a time that works for everyone. The Autopick feature picks the next available free time for the attendees as well as the location. If you want to block out the entire day for a meeting, check the All day
  7. Add meeting details or an agenda to the body of the invite. You can also attach an agenda or other documents that you want to share with attendees in advance by navigating to the Insert menu and selecting Attach File.
  8. Once your meeting invite is ready, hit Send.


How to Make Changes to Meetings in Outlook

Once you learn how to schedule a meeting on Microsoft Outlook® and complete your booking, you might find that you need to make changes to the attendee list, meeting details, or schedule. To edit a meeting you created, navigate to your Calendar in Outlook and do the following:

  1. Scroll through your calendar to find the meeting or enter the title of the meeting in the search box.
  2. Double click on the calendar item. If it’s a recurring meeting, Outlook will ask if you want to open just this one event or the entire series of events. If you want to edit just one instance of a recurring event, select Just this one. Otherwise, select The entire series.
  3. Edit the event details in the Meeting tab.
  4. To add or remove attendees from your Outlook invite, select the Scheduling Assistant tab and click Add Attendees.
  5. When you’re done making your updates, hit Send Update.

Quickly Plan and Book Meetings and Services in Outlook with Resource Central

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