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Enhancing Collaboration and Efficiency in the Modern Office

The Benefits of Meeting Room Displays

While some companies still use the well-known red-green sliders to indicate whether a conference room is occupied or vacant, others have taken the step and invested in conference room sign solutions for the modern office, therewith supporting an agile work environment.

Meeting room displays are an integral part of many modern organizations’ daily routines, playing an important role in communicating with employees and visitors at the workplace. They are also a great way to optimize space utilization and support an agile workplace.

Take a look at the many benefits of conference room signs, which might not be obvious at first.

Easy overview and visibility

Digital meeting room displays make it easy for the employees to see if a room is available for an ad-hoc meeting, or if there is an upcoming meeting. A modern room display provides real-time information by connecting to Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365. This increases productivity and makes booking easier. It also displays relevant meeting information directly on the screen in front of the room, making it easy to keep track, improve communication, and prevent people from walking into the wrong meeting.

The status of the room is immediately visible to everyone. There is also the possibility to have screens with LED lights, which makes it even easier for the workforce to see if a conference room is occupied or not.

Another great feature that can be part of meeting room displays is the ability to report if there is anything that needs to be taken care of. For example, if the A/V equipment in the room is not working, the appropriate person can be informed with just a few clicks on the display. Or maybe the room needs cleaning? Just report it on the screen and the cleaning staff will be alerted immediately.

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Optimizing meeting room utilization

Sometimes, meetings need to be extended, and sometimes they are scheduled to run longer than they actually last. With conference room displays, the meeting attendees can mark the room as free when they are finished, with just a touch at the screen, or they can extend the meeting right on the display if there is no meeting scheduled immediately after.

Also, real-time reporting makes it easy for facility managers to keep an overview of which rooms can be cleaned or inspected. The integration into Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365 makes it easy to see the relevant data straight away. Speaking about data: meeting room utilization can easily be optimized with help of the data that is collected. It helps you better understand and utilize your office space. You might also consider the customizable Insights workplace analytics solution, which uses business intelligence dashboards built with Microsoft Power BI to deliver reporting and insights based on your live data gathered from your existing booking solutions.

Built-in security included

For companies that need to maintain a high standard of security, digital conference room signs can also be a perfect complement to the existing security measures. Firstly, it is possible to have signs that are pin-code protected, so that only assigned employees can make changes. Secondly, there are room displays that come with an integrated RFID card reader. This further enhances security, as users can be authenticated when checking in to the room, so they are immediately registered.

Displays act as brand ambassadors

In addition to informing visitors and employees about current and future meetings, conference room signage can serve as a branding tool that communicates your company’s visual identity. With customizable signs, you can for example display background images, a branding video, or other relevant information. Customization is made easy with built-in template editors so you can easily create unique layouts, using the company’s logo, colors, and fonts. If you are not comfortable creating your own layout, you can also use one of the included templates.

A future-ready workplace

There are several room display options on the market, but not all of them fulfill all the needs your company might have. It is important that the display sign solution seamlessly connects to Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365 and comes with a solution like Digital Sign Client, ensuring that the information on the sign always is up-to-date and synchronized with the Exchange server.

If you want to go all-in and have an office ready for the future, you can also add workplace sensors to the meeting rooms. As an integrated solution with Microsoft 365 and Exchange, the sensors work together with the room displays. So, when someone uses the conference room, the sign’s status will change to “occupied” – and vice versa, when the room is vacated. Meetings can automatically be extended and no-shows can be terminated after a specified time.

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