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Optimized Visitor Management for the Modern Workplace

Today’s workforce is more global than ever. And with many organizations operating on hybrid models, delivering a positive first impression is more important than ever. This is especially true for organizations with physical offices.

From employees to vendors and partnering agencies, creating a welcoming experience is key to the reputation of an organization as well as initial interactions. A streamlined visitor management process can also help support efforts to improve workplace security and reduce administrative and front-office staff workload.

Simple Ways to Improve Visitor Management

To support a more optimal visitor experience, look for these easy ways to improve your visitor management.

Implement touchless solutions  – After the pandemic, health safety concerns are more important than before. Consider adding touchless visitor solutions such as self-registration kiosks that could allow visitors to check themselves in. Kiosks like this are especially ideal for unsupervised lobbies or high-traffic areas in the workplace.

Automate routine visitors – For organizations who work with outside agency partners or who may have staff who only work in the office sometimes, being able to automate recurring visits can simplify and streamline on-site work day procedures. Resource Central can let you set up recurring visits and register multiple visitors at once. These small efficiencies add up over time, resulting in more hours spent focused on productive work vs burdensome administrative procedures.

Combine technology and human touchpointsAutomating the front office with receptionist software is another way to improve the visitor experience and overall visitor management. Front office staff can be freed up to focus on other tasks, and the streamlined guest registration process reinforces the company’s professional image and reputation.

Benefits of a More Automated Visitor Management

We’ve already mentioned a few benefits of improving visitor management processes, but below we list out a full list.

  1. Create more positive visitor experiences to foster a positive working environment
  2. Deliver optimal first impressions that encourage further engagement and support the organization’s good reputation
  3. Support health initiatives that offer individuals more options
  4. Streamline check-in procedures for greater front-end efficiencies
  5. Reduce front-desk staff or staff workload with self-registration kiosks
  6. Gain key insights and data around visitor flow and front-office management
  7. Enhance workplace security and safety

Can better visitor management really improve workplace security?

Yes. A good visitor management solution can help keep your workplace safe by helping you know exactly who is on the premises and when, as well as alert staff to arrivals and/or require authorization for access. Resource Central for example, has a visitor authorization feature that organizations can configure specifically to allow specific employees (Authorizers) the ability to authorize visitors’ visits at specific locations and zones within the office. An Authorizer is notified by email of a visitor’s arrival and can manage authorizations easily from the visitor overview within Resource Central. Authorizers can also be set up as a receptionist and able to check visitors in/out, print badges, and more.

Here are three other ways Resource Central enables an organization to enhance security and safety with Authorizers:

  1. Set various authorization processes to control visitor authorization requirements for open spaces vs high security areas
  2. Configure authorizations so that visitors going into areas with high security or areas with limited capacity will require authorization, while more ‘open’ areas will not require authorization
  3. Set it up so that visitors are required to be escorted during their visit

When it comes down to it, improving visitor management starts with the right technology solutions and combining human and digital touchpoints.

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