Streamline Your Daily Workflow with Floor Plan Visualizations for Meeting Room Booking

Finding a meeting room that’s both available and appropriate for your meeting can be frustrating. You might not be familiar with all the different meeting rooms at your office, or perhaps you’re booking meetings for other office locations. Unless there is more detailed information provided about the meeting rooms, you may feel like you’re booking meeting rooms while blindfolded. This is where having access to a floor plan in your meeting room booking software can be helpful. Floor plans provide a visual representation of meeting rooms, so you can gauge the size and capacity of meeting rooms at a glance and quickly find the right space for your meeting.

Resource Central is a meeting room and resource booking tool for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange. Because it integrates with Outlook, Resource Central has a similar look and feel and offers a seamless user experience. Users don’t have to open another program to access floor plans and other helpful features. They can just use Outlook like they always do to view meeting room floor plans and access other details in just a few clicks.


How Resource Central’s Floor Plan Feature Works

The interactive floor plan feature of Resource Central can be found within the Outlook add-in ‘ResourceFinder’. Any location can be configured to display resources and their availability. The graphical representation of the floor plan is useful because it allows you to view all the meeting rooms at your facility. The meeting rooms that are available are highlighted in green. When you click the chosen resource on the floor plan, it is then selected from the list of resources below.

A floor plan can be uploaded as an image. You can upload a detailed floor plan, or you can upload a simple drawing from PowerPoint. On the configuration screen, you have the ability to mark up the resources using Resource Central’s built-in configuration tools.

If you’re using Resource Central to book a meeting and want to find a meeting room using the interactive floor plan feature, simply navigate to your desired location, find the meeting rooms highlighted in green, and click to book them.


Benefits of Using Floor Plan Feature

Using the floor plan feature in Resource Central simplifies meeting room scheduling. Every day, employees are tasked with finding a place to meet. Resource Central makes this process faster and easier.

Without a visual representation of your office at your fingertips, it can be difficult to recall where each meeting room is located and how many people could fit into that meeting room. Floor plans enable users to book meeting spaces faster because they can locate meeting rooms more quickly. They can also find meeting rooms located near them more easily, without having to recall exactly what each meeting room is called, how big it is, or what equipment it has.

Whether you’re booking cubicles, studios, conference rooms, or shared workspaces, Resource Central can help you do it without a hassle. Using Resource Central, employees can find and book meeting spaces in their primary office location and even remote company locations. To learn more about Resource Central and its interactive floor plans, sign up for a free trial or free online demo today!


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