Extra Services That You Can Book with Resource Booking Software

Extra Services That You Can Book with Resource Booking Software

At any busy office, staff members host a number of different meetings each day. In order to have successful meetings, it’s often necessary to book additional services like catering, AV equipment, table setup, and video conferencing. These services help to create an optimal meeting experience and leave a positive impression on customers and other guests who might be attending your meetings and events.

A booking solution like Resource Central gives your organization complete control over the resources users have the ability to book. Anything can be a bookable resource, from AV and table setup services, to wellness and video conferencing services. Administrators can determine who is able to book the resources, where they can book them, and for how long. Resources can be booked across multiple locations and departments.

One System, One Transaction

Users can book extra services at the same time that they book the meeting, so there is only one transaction. It’s also easy for users to go in and make changes later. Resource booking software like Resource Central integrates with Microsoft Outlook®, so all bookings and any subsequent changes are updated in real-time. All of this helps to reduce administrative time and effort.

There is no need to make additional phone calls or send out emails when you need to book a resource for your meetings. All of the communication and ordering is handled within the same system, and you can see which resources are available at a glance. You can use filters to browse a selection of items and find exactly what you need.

Comprehensive Reporting

A resource booking solution is also a great recordkeeping tool because you can keep track of who has booked certain items and when they are due. Managers can generate comprehensive reports to monitor statistics regarding resource usage and identify trends or issues.

Automatically Handles Changes

Meetings are subject to a number of different changes after they are booked. For example, the number of attendees, the meeting location, or the services required may change. With resource booking software, you can effortlessly manage last-minute changes and quickly make adjustments to your bookings.

Resource booking software automatically handles changes and informs service providers. This is particularly crucial in organizations where many services are outsourced to external providers. Resource booking software enables you to maintain good communication with service providers and prevents waste that could hurt your bottom line.

Billing is also taken care of, so service providers automatically receive invoices. This saves meeting organizers time while allowing managers to monitor and keep control of costs.

Impress Clients and Plan Successful Events

Planning meetings and events requires extensive coordination between different people and resources. If you use a mix of manual processes or multiple systems to book meeting rooms, invite attendees, and order services, it can make for a messy, disorganized, and potentially disastrous outcome. With resource booking software like Resource Central, you can use a single system to book rooms, people, resources, and everything in between.

Improve the Meeting Booking Experience with Resource Central

Resource Central seamlessly manages the booking of all catering, AV equipment services, video conferencing services, table setup, and so much more. Resource Central’s user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Outlook ensure quick adoption by staff. For more information, set up a free online demo or sign up for a free trial!


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