Save Time and Enhance Productivity with the Assistant Organizer

In recent years, companies have been under pressure to cut overhead costs and lower head counts. As a result, the number of executive assistants has decreased at many corporations. This is an unfortunate trend, considering that executive assistants make significant contributions to the productivity of an organization.

The return on investment for executive assistants is substantial, especially at senior levels. From ensuring that meetings start on time, to prepping for meetings, to keeping projects on track, executive assistants help to filter distractions and save executives time. The best executive assistants save executives several hours each week by freeing them up from answering emails and handling other tasks that take away from their ability to guide the organization’s agenda.


How Technology Can Help You Delegate Tasks to Assistants

Giving managers access to an assistant or even shared resources can enhance productivity. Ideally, work is delegated to employees who can do it well at the lowest cost. But in many organizations, there is a lot of administrative work and not enough assistants to assign it to.

Fortunately, technologies like resource booking software and online calendars allow managers at all levels of an organization to operate at a greater level of efficiency. Resource booking software has made it quick and easy for executives to schedule meetings and book resources. Users can get a quick, at-a-glance overview of available meeting rooms and resources, even viewing pictures, floor plans, and available equipment for each room.


Introducing Resource Central’s Assistant Organizer

Resource Central is resource booking software with an Assistant Organizer feature that makes it possible for a user to book a meeting and place orders on behalf of a colleague or manager. This enables assistants to receive emails related to a booking and order additional services for the meeting. The Assistant Organizer feature is designed for executive assistants, secretaries, and others who play a support role in an organization. The Assistant Organizer makes it easier for executives and middle managers to delegate their workload and assume new responsibilities.

The best executive assistants are indispensable members of your team. They play a variety of roles, from help desk technician, to travel consultant, to diplomat. When managers delegate their work to an executive assistant or shared assistants and coordinators, it boosts productivity. Giving assistants access to tools like Resource Central and its Assistant Organizer allows them to manage and optimize an executive’s schedule while ensuring that all of the necessary resources and services have been booked.

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