How to Use Workplace and Office Sensor Analytics to Improve the Modern Office

How to Use Workplace and Office Sensor Analytics to Improve the Modern Office

Today’s modern office is not unique. Many of workspace and workplace processes are now automated or powered by smart technology. As the world has shifted into a highly digitized place, this provides benefits for the office, its employees, partner agencies and customers.

But for office automation to be impactful and create better workplace experiences, understanding the data and insights behind the scenes is key.

Workplace data analytics are essential to office automation. Below we look at why workplace data is key, and some tools to leverage to get the most accurate and real-time data, including from smart sensors.


A Modern Office Needs Usage Data to Make Informed Decisions

Tools to Understand Your Modern Workplace

Workplace analytics and reporting can help an organization better understand and utilize office workspaces, identify usage patterns, optimize workspace setups and resources, and reduce overhead and operations costs. (Other benefits exist as well, and you can view the full lists here).

And workspace usage is one of the key areas to have insights around, as it can also be one of the costliest for a business when inefficiencies exist.


Next-Level Workplace Data Analytics, Reporting and Insights

A customizable workplace analytics solution can help you better understand and optimize your office space and meeting room usage.

Insights provides rich real-time insights and dynamic business intelligence dashboards and reporting based on your own live dataset pulled from booking solutions you have in place. Built with Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence), Insights effortlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange. This bridges your data and existing office tools together to offer expedient and easy-to-access and understand reporting.

Some of the capabilities and benefits of Insights include:

  1. Monitor and show reports for how specific workspaces and resources are utilized
  2. Identify utilization patterns of hot desks, meeting rooms, other workspaces and associated resources
  3. Uncover what rooms are most used or underutilized
  4. Find out where funds are being spent on office resources such as catering and identify areas where departments can reduce waste
  5. Understand how your current spaces are being used to identify opportunities for improvement
  6. Streamline workspace analytics to help you automate workspace management and other related processes
  7. Answer stakeholder questions about workspace and resource usage and management
  8. Make informed, data-driven decisions to maximize productivity and efficiencies

Moreover, Insights module offers you an access point to a dashboard where you can build customized reports based on your own dataset from our meeting room booking system Resource Central and other solutions. As usual, there is a high focus on data security to ensure your companies information. If required, we have the expertise to assist in the building of your custom reports.


Occupancy Sensor Data Can Further Automate Workspace Management

For offices with desk sensor or other office sensor tools, our new integration solution for sensors  work with a variety of occupancy sensor and workplace sensor products. It lets room or desk sensor’s API communicate within the Microsoft 365 to provide smarter insights and capabilities for workspace and office management.

With the data obtained from our new sensor solution, you could help improve the usage and management of desks, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and other workspace resources.

Learn about the seven different benefits you could see by also leveraging workspace sensor insights in our recent blog, Can Sensor Solutions Help You Improve Resource Utilization and Workspace Management?  (This blog also answers key questions about our new sensor solution.)


Other Workplace Automation Solutions to Consider

Still looking for other ways to optimize your modern smart workplace? Add-On Products has other software solutions that can further optimize any organization’s workspace usage and routine processes, such as visitor management.

Resource Central’s visitor management feature helps your staff manage the visitor process to achieve an effective workflow: from registration to the printing of visitor badges, to reporting on visitors. Receptionists can quickly check visitors in, print badges and perform barcode scans of badges to keep track of registered visitors.

Companies can also improve first-touch office experiences for employees and visitors with our enhanced reception software solution and self-service kiosks.

For a complete listing of our innovative office business solutions that can provide added value to your business and workforce, see our smart office solutions overview.

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