How to Schedule a Meeting for Someone Else in Outlook

Do you want to learn how to schedule a meeting for someone else in Outlook? With the right level of permissions in Outlook, you can use Outlook to schedule meetings or conference calls on another person’s behalf. In order to get these permissions, you need to get in touch with your Outlook support team and be set up as a delegate in the other person’s Outlook account. Alternatively, you could work with the other person to set up the delegate permissions on their computer.

Having the ability to schedule meetings and manage someone else’s calendar is typically reserved for administrative assistants and others who book meetings and manage someone else’s schedule. Once set up as a delegate, the user can open the other person’s Outlook calendar on their own computer and schedule a meeting on their behalf.

Before you can edit someone’s calendar, they must give you the permission to do so by sharing their calendar. Once you become an editor, you can create and edit events in the person’s calendar. You can also respond to meeting invitations on the calendar owner’s behalf.

When you receive an invitation to share someone’s calendar, click the Accept button and then their calendar will be added to your list of calendars. After the calendar has been added to your list of calendars, you have the option to add or remove it from your calendar view. You can also rename the calendar, change its color, or delete it.



Place Orders and Manage Other Meeting Services on Behalf of Another Person with the Assistant Organizer

Resource Central has added a new feature that allows you to book meetings in the calendar of a manager or colleague by setting yourself up as an Assistant Organizer. As Assistant Organizer, you will receive emails from Resource Central and be able to place orders on behalf of the other person. It can be configured so that the original organizer does not receive any of the emails coming from Resource Central.

This feature is particularly handy for administrative assistants, executive assistants, and others who take on the responsibility of scheduling and booking meetings for others. In the My Meetings app for Microsoft Teams, you will be able to see not only your own meetings but also any meetings for which you are the Assistant Organizer. In the My Meetings app, you can also see meetings for the different teams you are a part of.

Combined with the Assistant Organizer feature, the My Meetings app in Teams is a powerful tool that can be used to delegate the responsibility of ordering equipment, catering, and other services for meetings to a service provider. This is highly convenient for busy executives and managers who are in lots of meetings but who do not have the time to plan out all the details.

Resource Central is a Microsoft add-in that makes it easier for people to schedule meetings on someone else’s behalf. To learn more about the Assistant Organizer for Resource Central and the My Meetings app for Teams, contact Add-On Products today and schedule a free online demo and a free trial.


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