Manage Workspaces and Meeting Rooms on the Go

Is Managing Your Adaptable Workspace a Challenge?

Today’s workplace has evolved. Flexible and hybrid work styles that allow for working on-the-go or at-the-office. This may allow for greater work-life balance, but it’s also required employees to be able to create an adaptable workspace that meets their needs and is safe.

The Workspace app helps employees do this – all from their iOS or Android mobile device.

  • Find and book meeting rooms, desks or other resources quickly
  • Manage workplace resources through Microsoft 365® or Microsoft Exchange
  • Keep your schedule organized on-the-go
  • Ensure social-distancing measures are met with realtime floor plans and office maps
  • QR code scanning for availability verification and realtime booking on-site



Solving the Collaborative Space Issue

A safe and engaging workplace where teams can come together in-person is the key to enhancing communication, collaboration, problem-solving and output efficiency. With employees in different places, how can you bring everyone together as needed without a static place?

Our ‘Find Colleague’ feature and realtime color-coded floor plans solve this issue. Whether meeting 1-1 or as a group, Workspace allows you to search and find colleagues, view their workplace locations and find a nearby workspace to book for the date(s) you need.

See how easy it is to book a workspace near your colleagues


4 Steps to Quickly Booking Your Workspace

Using the Workspace app is easy and fast. Learn how to book a desk from anywhere, find and confirm your desk, and check-all from the app. See how here. 


Want to See How Workspace Can Benefit Your Flexible Workforce?

For flex- or hybrid-employees, the Workspace app makes time management and collaboration with colleagues easy. Discover how Workspace can benefit your employees and workspaces today with a free demonstration.


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