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Improve the visitor experience while saving front desk staff time by utilizing modern and advanced receptionist software.

Receptionist Software

Software for receptionists

Enhance your company’s business image with receptionist software

Give visitors a professional first impression with Resource Central’s receptionist features that streamlines visitor management.

Receptionist software helps your company improve the visitor experience while saving front desk staff time and freeing them up to focus on other tasks. Resource Central gives receptionists the ability to register visitors, print and scan badges, and send hosts automated email notifications when visitors check-in.

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Modern and Professional Receptionist Software Program

At many companies, front desk staff still use paper logs to register visitors. Paper logs are an outdated solution for visitor management because the handwriting isn’t always legible and visitor information is visible to prying eyes. Entering, tracking, and managing visitors effectively and discreetly is key to maintaining the safety of your building and improving the visitor experience.

With Resource Central software, a receptionist can check visitors into the visitor management system or implement a self-service kiosk. Self-service kiosks allow visitors to quickly check themselves in and print visitor badges. They are an ideal solution for busy buildings with high traffic, unsupervised lobbies, and workplaces that receive a high number of vendors and contractors.

Software for receptionist

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Create a Safe Environment for Employees and Visitors with Visitor Management and Receptionist Software

Resource Central’s receptionist feature ensures that visitors are professionally handled from the moment they enter your facility. You can print visitor badges, keep visitor information confidential, and make visitors feel welcome.

Receptionist software is used in corporate settings, hospitals, schools, government buildings, and more. It’s a comprehensive application that allows receptionists to maintain a real-time list of authorized guests, so visitors are clearly identifiable while on the premises. Our software can be customized to fit the needs of organizations of all sizes. You can easily scale the application from one to multiple locations and ensure that all visitors receive a warm welcome.

Our visitor management and receptionist software make registration and management of visitors easy. You can get a quick overview of your visitors by listing them in different views, such as meeting, arrival time, comments and company.

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Making the Workday Easier

Easy-to-use Tools for Receptionists

Receptionist software allows front staff to schedule and manage appointments, meetings, and events. It provides an intuitive interface for creating, editing, and rescheduling appointments, and it can also send automated reminders to both staff and visitors.

A visitor management system streamlines the process of registering and tracking visitors to the office or your company’s buildings. Amongst other things, it makes it easy to

  • register visitors and capture their details
  • print or scan visitor badges
  • notify hosts of visitor arrivals

Resource Central also includes features like pre-registration and can be used in combination with self-check-in kiosks.

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Enhancing Office Security

Receptionist software plays a vital role in enhancing office and building security through a range of features and functionalities. It efficiently manages visitor details, including registration and tracking, to maintain accurate records. Resource Central can also facilitate ID scanning and verification, enhancing security by authenticating visitor identities.

Our receptionist software can also assist in providing an overview of visitors and staff present in the facility. Resource Central can provide reports on visitor and staff activities, such as entry and exit times and meeting attendance. Additionally, the software incorporates privacy and compliance features, ensuring visitor information is handled securely and in compliance with applicable data protection regulations.

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Benefits of Receptionist Software

Resource Central offers numerous advantages for businesses seeking efficient and streamlined visitor management. It enhances front desk operations, ultimately improving the overall visitor experience. With the software, you can for example

  • get a quick overview of visitors, including meeting details, arrival time, comments and company information
  • enhance security
  • pre-register meeting attendees
  • keep a real-time overview over authorized guests
  • customize settings according to your needs
  • and more
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Suitable for Different Industries

All organizations have an interest in ensuring the security of their buildings and having a positive visitor experience. This greatly relies on efficiently and discreetly handling the entrance, monitoring, and administration of visitors. Receptionist software can enhance your company’s business image and give visitors a professional first impression, no matter which industry.

Our customers come from a wide range of industries and use the software in corporate settings, hospitals, schools, government buildings, and more.

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Pre-register External Attendees

When you send out the meeting invitation, Resource Central can automatically pre-register attendees at the same time you order catering or other services. When the attendee arrives at the company, the receptionist doesn’t need to enter visitor information manually, which makes the check-in process quick and professional.

Use the ‘My Visitors’ tool in Resource Central meeting room booking software to quickly register visitors and external consultants who may not be attending a meeting.

Read more about our meeting room booking system.

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How can I try your receptionist software?


Trying our software is easy. Just contact us for your free online demo. One of our experts will get in touch with you and give you an introduction, as well as answer any questions you might have regarding our solutions.

Does the receptionist software make visitor management easier?


Resource Central is a user-friendly software solution with many functions and features. It can be customized and integrates with Microsoft 365. The receptionist software’s functions are developed to make visitor management and front-desk tasks easier, always keeping the users in mind. You can find more information on our visitor management solutions here.

What People Say

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From an IT and Digitalization perspective, Add-On Products has been a competent supplier for 10 years. They have provided great input in relation to future development of the solution in accordance with Aarhus Municipality's needs. Most recently they have assisted in an innovative booking project that will make the solution available to a completely new user group.

Søren Laursen, Chief Consultant

Aarhus Municipality, Denmark

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"Our staff are very comfortable using Resource Central to manage their diaries and meetings"

Ian Scullion, Project Manager

Manchester Primary Care Trust, UK

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"The main reason we chose Resource Central is that it supports multiple companies and is easy to use and operate. Having a single solution for all the companies to operate has been a real benefit."

Svein Arne Hammersland, Manager ICT

Sparebanken Vest, Norway

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