Hot Desk Booking Software

An office that uses our hot desk booking system

So you’ve organized your office space for hot desking. Now you can maximize your office space by implementing hot desk booking software for Microsoft Outlook®, available from Add-On Products!

Hot desking is a great solution for businesses who need flexible workstation scheduling because they have a lot of shift employees or employees that continue to spend more and more time in the field. Hot desking helps to improve efficiency and cut costs without sacrificing your workforce or great customer service.


Resource Central by Add-On Products

Resource Central is a comprehensive hot desking solution by Add-On Products. This hot desk booking system will enable you to manage your hot desking easily and efficiently.

It’s fast. When you choose Resource Central by Add-On Products you are able to easily manage all your workstation scheduling and other resources in less than two minutes!

In fact, utilizing Microsoft Outlook®, Resource Central becomes a powerful Microsoft Exchange booking system and hoteling software solution, providing resource scheduling for whatever you need it for; hot desking, conference room reservation, phone re-routing, car parking and more.


Resource Central Benefits

Some of the benefits of our hot desk booking software system (an add-in product) include the ability to choose resources by category or by location.

You can also research what workstations or hot desks are available so that you can schedule hot desk bookings efficiently.

Additionally, Resource Central allows you to book many other types of resources and services including catering. You can even print name badges and register special guests.

The user interface for our hot desk booking software is extremely intuitive and users report that it is very user-friendly, similar to Outlook®.

Order forms can be customized and you can generate accurate reports.


What is Supported by Resource Central?

Resource Central will support the most up-to-date versions for Microsoft Windows®, Exchange® and Microsoft Outlook®. It will even integrate with Digital Signage solutions

To learn more about Add-On Products’ hoteling and hot desk booking software, please click here for a free demo of Resource Central


Cut Office Confusion and Work More Efficiently

With Add-On Products hot desking software system your staff can work efficiently in a shared work space.

Many companies that employ this work space sharing model find that hot desking has a very minimal negative affect on staff thanks to the efficient scheduling of the hot desk booking software.

Use Resource Central to determine your hot desking’s:

  • Work space availability
  • Available hardware and software

You can also book a hot desk in advance or perform on the spot scheduling, depending on availability.


No End User Training Required

Resource Central seamlessly integrates with Outlook® and Outlook Web Access® so that end-users can be up and running immediately, with no end user training required.

Other scheduling software will have your users booking their individual appointments via Outlook®, their meetings via a 2nd interface and their hot desks via a 3rd interface.

Cut through the red tape with Resource Central’s hot desk booking software system and make sure your users are given the proper access to their needed resources with a minimum of fuss.

Download a trial copy of our hot desk booking software for Outlook®