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5 Benefits of Hot Desking for Companies and Employees


What is Hot Desking?

Hot desking is a desk sharing trend that arose around the 1990s. In offices with hot-desking, workers take whatever desk is available, instead of having one assigned space. A workspace app booking solution helps maximize the use of flexible workstations.

In the modern workplace, agility is crucial. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to support flexibility and foster teamwork and innovation. While the practice of hot desking has been around for the past 20 years or so, it didn’t become commonplace till recent years.

Hot desking can cut the costs of running an office by up to 30%, so it’s a popular choice among employers. Hot desking offers benefits for employees, too. Below are the top 5 benefits of hot desking for companies and employees.


1. Increase collaboration

 Hot desking encourages people to move around the office, and this leads employees to talk to team members they normally wouldn’t interact with. It allows staff from different parts of the office to collaborate on projects.

2. Tidier workspaces

Your office will likely be tidier if you use hot desking because staff are unable to leave their personal items, such as knick-knacks and stacks of papers, behind at the end of the work day. Hot desking forces employees to become minimalists. Although people are unable to add a personal touch to their workspaces, the result is a much cleaner and more organized office.

3. Autonomy

Hot desking gives employees autonomy because it allows them to change their day-to-day environment and remaining mobile. This gives them a lot more flexibility and autonomy over what their daily work environment looks and feels like. People are no longer tied to their desks.

4. Lower costs

Traditional offices provide employees a specific spot to work in, and that space remains unused is the worker is out of office, traveling from work, or working from home. Hot desking cuts down on this type of wasted space by allowing organizations to downsize their space and optimize the use of existing space. Not all employees need to have their own permanent desks.

5. Improve performance and the circulation of knowledge

Static seating arrangements tend to lead to people working in silos, while flexible seating arrangements made possible via hot desking help to improve performance and encourage the circulation of knowledge. Hot desking improves communications by leading to more face-to-face interaction and accelerating decision making.

You might be concerned that hot desking could hurt productivity since people may need a quiet workspace in order to concentrate and focus their work. This is why it’s important to maintain a flexible, easily reconfigurable space that can be used for different tasks, from concentration-heavy solo work to team huddles.


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Saturday, 08 August 2020