Desk Booking | Maximize the use of Workspace and reduce Costs

In modern offices, a growing number of employees only spend a fraction of their time at their desks. To maximize the use of workspace and reduce overhead costs, many companies are turning to hot desking, a workspace sharing approach that leads to better collaboration, fosters teamwork, and enhances flexibility. Resource Central’s hot desk booking feature helps organizations simplify the management of flexible workspaces. Resource Central integrates with Microsoft 365 and Exchange, allowing you to seamlessly schedule and manage hot desks through standard Microsoft Outlook®interface.

Hot desking is a great solution for businesses that have many part-time employees, remote employees, or employees that spend a lot of time out in the field. Hot desking helps to improve efficiency and cut costs without sacrificing customer service or the comfort of your workforce.

Benefits of Using a Desk Booking System

Resource Central’s hot desking feature is fast, easy to use, and efficient. Resource Central enables you to easily book workstations and services, as well as other types of resources, including conference rooms, parking spaces and equipment.

Benefits of our hot desk booking feature include the ability to filter and select resources by category or location. Available workstations or hot desks can be viewed at a glance, so you can schedule the right hot desk quickly and efficiently. Users have the ability to book hot desks in advance or schedule them on the spot. You can also generate accurate reports that detail resource usage patterns.

Built for


Quick User Adoption

Resource Central has the look and feel of your standard Microsoft Outlook® environment. The desk booking feature in our resource booking system, enables your staff to work more efficiently in a shared workspace. It can be difficult for staff to adjust to new booking procedures, but the transition is much easier and far less stressful if you implement a well-known look and feel system that helps you organize and manage workspaces more efficiently.

Resource Central seamlessly integrates with Outlook® and Microsoft 365, so users can get up to speed almost immediately, with no end-user training required.

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Workspace booking app always at your fingertips

Book hot desks, workspaces, and meeting rooms directly from your smartphone or tablet with our Workspace app for iOS and Android. Book a workspace right off the interactive color-coded floor plan or scan a QR code on the resource to find out if a resource is available to book. Search for your colleague’s name in the app to find and book a desk near your team. Confirm your bookings, reschedule, or cancel your bookings to free up the resource for others.

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What People Say


In the past it took at least half an hour to organize a meeting; now it takes a few minutes

Inge Hansen, IT-Coordinator

University of Southern Denmark


Importantly, we can capture information from Resource Central that shows us how efficiently we are using our rooms and cars

Kayvan Rahmani, Project Manager

Richmond Housing Partnership, UK

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