Schedule Workspaces on the Go with our Workspace App

The Workspace app by Add-On Products allows you to book meeting rooms and workspaces directly from your mobile device. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, Workspace can help you manage your schedule and find the right workspace for your needs.

Using the Workspace app, you can book conference rooms, hot desks, and other resources managed through Microsoft 365® or your Microsoft Exchange on-premise.

You can also do the following:

  • Search for available workspaces and meeting rooms
  • Reserve hot desks anytime, anywhere
  • Enforce Social distance bookings
  • Verify meeting time and location
  • Book, cancel and reschedule meetings
  • Simplify booking with QR code scanning

Workspace brings the power of a full-fledged meeting and desk booking app to your fingertips. It connects to any mobile device (iOS or Android), such as a smartphone or a tablet.

You can search for available workspaces to find a resource that fits your criteria, or you can review color coded floor plans. You can even search to find and book a desk near your team.

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Realtime, Color Coded Floor Plans Help You Determine Availability at a Glance

Floor plans and office maps provide a visual representation of your workplace and make it easier to find meeting rooms. Users can determine availability through color coding and book workspaces right off the floor plan. Simply tap the space you want to book on the floor plan and schedule away.

Administrators of the workspace booking solution can help to enforce social distancing by disabling every other workspace in the floor plan to prevent them from being booked.

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Quickly Determine Workspace Availability and Simplify Booking with QR Code Scanning

With the Workspace app, you can also add QR codes to all resources, such as meeting rooms and hot desks, within your Microsoft infrastructure. When you’re in the office, scan the QR code on a desk or meeting room door with your mobile device to determine its availability or book it on the spot. You can book the resource at the soonest available time or choose a later time and date.

You are not required to put all of the bookings you make through the Workspace app on your calendar. Adding reservations to your calendar is optional. This feature comes in handy when you want to book a hot desk for the day but you don’t necessarily want it to appear as if you’re going to be busy that whole time to others who view your calendar.

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Complete Mobile Hot Desk Management and Desk Sharing Solution

Flexible and remote work has become a hot topic these days, especially as an increasing number of companies encourage their employees to work from home and work in the office in shifts due to COVID-19. The Workspace app is an ideal solution for hot desk management because it allows employees to quickly find available hot desks and book shared desks from their mobile device in advance.

Include huddle rooms and other flexible meeting spaces at your office in the solution to ensure a more casual and collaborative booking approach for a less formal work environment.

You can easily find and book a desk near your team or colleagues with Workspace. Simply search for your colleagues by name to determine exactly where they’re sitting.

The Workspace booking app is a user-friendly mobile app that allows you to manage bookings and workspaces with ease. The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play. Discover more about the benefits that the Workspace app can bring to your team by downloading the app today!


Combine Workspace with Resource Central

With Resource Central, meeting room booking system, you can search for and book available meeting rooms and hot desks by filters and locations directly through Outlook®, either in advance or on demand. All your reservations are automatically updated in the Workspace app.

Combining Workspace booking app with Resource Central, allows you to easily manage meetings from start to finish. Additional features include visitor management and booking of individualized catering and other services.

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