Why Branded Digital Meeting Room Signs Are Effective

Digital meeting room signs, which consist of digital signage displayed outside of meeting rooms, enhance productivity by enabling employees to view meeting schedules at a glance and use touchscreens to book, extend, or cancel meetings on the spot. The benefits of digital meeting room signs don’t stop at the functional, however. Digital displays can also be used to enhance your office’s design and company image. Custom, branded digital signs impress visitors and ensure brand continuity across your office.

A lot of digital signage comes with non-flexible templates that can only be tweaked slightly, maybe by changing the logo and a few colors. With Digital Sign Service, you have the flexibility to completely customize your conference room signs to match your company’s culture and brand identity. Version 4.0 comes equipped with a template editor that can be used to design custom digital displays with sleek, intuitive interfaces that showcase your company’s visual identity while displaying vital information for both employees and visitors.


Work with Pre-designed Templates or Start from Scratch 

Whether you want to start with a blank canvas or use preexisting templates, Digital Sign Service can accommodate your needs. You may design templates for digital signs displayed outside of meeting rooms and also for meeting directory signs that serve as information radiators. The templates can be customized with your company’s logo and colors, as well as imagery.

The template builder is easy-to-use, so even minimally tech-savvy employees can learn to use it quickly. If you’d rather opt for an out-of-the-box solution instead of design your own templates, you can choose from packages that consist of touch displays with Digital Sign Service pre-installed and ongoing maintenance.


Creative Meeting Room Digital Display Ideas

Color code your template so that it displays a red background when the room is occupied and a green background when the room is available. This allows people to determine quickly whether a room is occupied or not.

Another interesting design idea is to use a unique background image for each digital sign to set the tone and create a distinct identity for each meeting room. The creative possibilities are practically endless.


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  • We provide you the displays with pre-installed software
  • We include mounts for either wall or glass walls – you physically mount the displays and connect them to the network (all displays have PoE for power through network cable)
  • We will have our Professional Services team remotely configure the server software for you
  • All you need to do is point the software on the displays to the server URL (we use Microsoft Graph for integration with Exchange / Microsoft 365)


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