What Return-to-Work Technologies Do You Need for the Modern Workplace and Why?

Workplaces are no longer comprised of rows of drab cubicles and closed offices. Today’s modern offices consist of expansive, open spaces that encourage collaboration and flexibility. The transition to a more modern workspace has also gone hand in hand with the adoption of new technologies, particularly as many people ease back to working in an office post-pandemic.

Technologies that an increasing number of companies are implementing to ensure the safety and productivity of their employees include touchless booking, visitor management, and desk booking.

As you prepare for a return to the office, what are some of the technologies you can implement to make the transition as seamless as possible? Here are some tools that can help your company reopen in comfort, efficiency, and style.


Visitor Management System

A visitor management system requires visitors and employees to check in every time they arrive at the office. Visitor management systems help front desk staff manage the flow of people and conduct wellness checks. Companies can keep digital records of visitors to the office, which helps them improve security and also aids with contact tracing if anyone tests positive for the virus.


Meeting Room Booking Software

When it comes to meeting rooms, times have changed. Conference rooms that previously could fit 10 people, for example, may only be able to accommodate 5 people in order to comply with social distancing requirements. Companies can configure their meeting room booking software to display this reduced capacity to ensure that people consider this when booking rooms for meetings.

Meeting room scheduling software is convenient because it prevents common mistakes like double bookings and allows employees to quickly determine which meeting rooms are available, their capacity, what equipment they contain, etc.

Meeting room booking software can be accessed from a user’s device or right in front of the meeting room via a digital sign. With the latter, users simply tap the screen to book, cancel, or extend the meeting.


Desk Booking System

With many workplaces adopting hybrid working schedules, it no longer makes sense for employers to have assigned seating. A desk booking system allows employees to book their desks via a mobile app before they arrive at the office or by tapping on a desk sign when they are in the office. Using the mobile app to book is especially convenient because it allows for touchless reservations.

Add-On Products offers the Workspace App, a mobile app that allows employees to view a floor plan of the office from their mobile device and book a desk with a tap of the screen. The floor plans can be color-coded, with red signifying that the desk is unavailable for use and green signifying that the desk is available to be booked. Companies can prevent certain desks from being reserved in case they are unable to operate at full capacity and need to maintain social distancing.


Workspace Analytics

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees, companies can use a tool like Resource Central to pull reports showing metrics such as the number of visitors and meeting room and desk usage rates. This helps employers better plan and make adjustments to their workplace.


Learn More About Return-to-Work Technology by Add-On Products

Add-On Products offers a complete package of return-to-work solutions, including the following:

  • Visitor management system to control the flow of visitors and enable contact tracing
  • Desk booking software and signage for hoteling and hot desking
  • Meeting room booking software and digital signs to streamline meeting room management
  • Workspace App to book desks via mobile device

To learn more about our solutions for creating a sleek, modern, and efficient workplace that keeps employees safe and productive, contact us today to schedule a free demo.

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