What is Workspace?

Excuse the pun in the title, but “workspace” today refers to the unique area where employees may work, and it refers to our innovative workspace booking solution (the Workspace app) that helps efficiently manage various types of workspaces.

Workspaces and the technology required to manage them has evolved. The pandemic fast-tracked solidifying a flexible workforce, and as a result, most all employers are needing to provide different types of workspaces to accommodate full-time, part-time, remote and telecommute employees and visitors.

The 7 Different Types of Workspaces You May Need to Manage

There are different types of workspaces, different classifications of employees, and different types of workforce rules (remote, full-time, part-time, telecommute, etc.). And when it comes to efficient workspace management – providing safe, collaborative, enjoyable spaces while also ensuring organizational waste and overhead costs are minimized – simplifying booking workspaces is key.

Workspaces you may need to manage on-going include:

  1. Assigned workspaces (e.g., cubicles or stand-alone desks)
  2. Breakout spaces
  3. Co-working spaces
  4. Conference rooms or meeting rooms
  5. Creative spaces
  6. Hot desks (Flexible desks)
  7. Employee break spaces

At-home workspaces are important as well, but for this blog, let’s focus on those you need to manage within your physical office location.

Workspace Management Challenges You May Face

What is the Workspace App?

The Workspace app is a unique workspace booking solution that helps businesses to automate and streamline the management of different types of workspaces for a flexible workforce. You can book meeting rooms, conference rooms, desks and other types of workspaces on-demand and on-the-go. Workspace helps employees manage schedules, find the right workspaces for their needs, collaborate with partners and manage other required resources needed to perform their jobs.

Unique Feature: See how the real-time, color-coded floor plans help employees determine workspace availability and help ensure safety protocols are satisfied

The benefits of using Workspace

The Workspace app helps employees do this – all from their iOS or Android mobile device.

  • Find and book meetings, conference rooms or desks quickly
  • Manage workplace resources through Microsoft 365® or Microsoft Exchange
  • Keep your schedule organized on-the-go
  • Improve time management
  • Make collaborating with colleagues easy
  • Ensure social-distancing measures are met with realtime floor plans and office maps
  • QR code scanning for availability verification and realtime booking on-site

Watch: How Workspace Makes Booking a Workspace Easy

Can Workspace Help My Organization?

The Workspace booking app is applicable for businesses of all sizes. Easily book and manage desks and workspaces directly on your mobile, iOS, and Android devices. Better manage workspaces and associated resources and help your business streamline workspace management processes long-term for greater organizational production value.
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