Want an Easy to Use App to Make it Easy to Return to the Office?

How Does The Workspace App Work?

The Workspace booking app is a well-integrated tool to search and book available desks managed through Microsoft 365® and Exchange. It also assists in booking meeting rooms. The Workspace App is straightforward to use with its user-friendly format. It incorporates the complete map of the office with all the seating plans and locations of meeting rooms.

Desk booking can be a real problem if not handled carefully with proper planning. The app makes the booking process of desks and workspaces straightforward.

You can easily find an available desk or workspace from the color-coded floor plan and book it from anywhere using the Workspace App. The offices’ floor plan is color-coded and updated in real-time, making it easier for the employee to look for an empty desk.

Social distancing is a necessary element in offices due to the ongoing risks of COVID-19. Hence, the Workspace App authorizes the office administrator to disable specific seats to ensure the enforcement of COVID-19 social distancing protocols. 

Advantages Of the Workspace App 

The Workspace App is the best solution in new office environments. Some of the key benefits of this app are: 

  • Reduce the effort to book desks and meeting rooms 
  • Search and find the location of your colleagues 
  • Locate the nearest available desk to your colleague 
  • An attractive and easy-to-use tool with an option for a color-coded floor plan 
  • Scan QR codes to check-in (confirm the reservation) for desk booking and meeting room reservations 
  • Available in a customizable pattern so that every organization can use it according to their requirements. 

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