Visitor Management Systems

Visitor Management Systems: Automate Guest Registration with Resource Central

Visitor Management System

If you’re looking for a streamlined way to identify and manage each visitor that walks through the door, look no further than Resource Central by Add-On Products. Resource Central is resource scheduling software for Microsoft Outlook® that comes equipped with a front office automation system. Resource Central increases the safety of your facility and automates the process of registering guests. No longer do receptionists have to spend so much time signing people in and getting them in touch with their hosts. They can largely automate the process and focus their energy on providing visitors with a warm welcome.

Many companies still use paper-based systems for reception purposes. Paper-based visitor management systems might seem quick and easy, but they are prone to error, make personal information available for everyone to see, and are tedious and time-consuming to use. What’s more, the handwriting on paper logbooks is often illegible, making it difficult to keep accurate records of guests at your facility.

Resource Central makes managing guests easier than ever before. The software integrates with Outlook®, so it’s extremely intuitive for users, requiring little to no training to learn how to use. Resource Central allows receptionists to provide guests with printed badges and perform barcode scans of badges to keep track of registered visitors. This eliminates the need to use pen and paper to keep track of who is on the premises.


Key Benefits of Automating Your Front Office with Resource Central

Automating your front office with reception software offers numerous benefits. Not only does it free up front office staff to spend more time on other tasks, it enhances your company’s professional image by streamlining the guest registration process and making guests feel welcome. Additional benefits of Resource Central’s front office automation software include the following:

  • Improve security by being able to determine exactly who is in your facility at all times
  • Send email notifications to hosts when guests sign in
  • Enhance the productivity and efficiency of receptionists
  • Screen against unwanted guests
  • Improve data accuracy with barcode scanning


Digital visitor management systems offer a secure method for authorizing visits. By using an automated system like Resource Central, you can significantly improve the security of your facility while processing guests more quickly. Effective processing reduces delays and prevents lines from developing in the lobby. Resource Central centralizes all guest data, enabling you to create an accurate digital record of all visits.

For more information about Resource Central’s visitor management systems, contact Add-On Products today to schedule a free trial or free online demo.