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Ensuring secure and efficient workspace management for utility companies

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Secure and efficient workspace management for the utilities sector

The utilities sector plays a crucial role in our daily lives, providing essential services that are integral to the functioning of modern society. Reliable access to these utilities is vital for residential, commercial, and industrial activities. The utilities sector supports various sectors and contributes to the overall well-being and development of communities worldwide.

A workplace management system with room booking and visitor management functions enables utility companies to create a well-organized and secure work environment as well as easy visitor management.

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Addressing Complex Workplace Challenges

Utility companies require a comprehensive workplace management system with room booking and visitor management functions to enhance operational efficiency, promote workplace safety, and improve overall productivity.

Some of the main concerns, that Add-On Products is asked to solve by utility companies, include:

  • managing access to different zones with authorization
  • handling visitors efficiently, including school classes and other groups
  • maintaining high IT security
  • making things easy for the front desk
  • making meeting room booking and hot desking easy
The Challenge

Streamline booking and visitor management

By implementing a workplace management system like Resource Central, utility companies can streamline the process of booking meeting rooms and shared spaces, ensuring optimal utilization and avoiding conflicts.

Resource Central’s visitor management function allows companies in the utility sector to maintain a secure and organized environment by efficiently managing visitor check-ins, issuing visitor badges, and maintaining visitor records. This enhances security protocols, ensures regulatory compliance, and provides a welcoming and professional experience for visitors.

Add-On Products offers its Microsoft 365-integrated solution both as a SaaS and an on-premises solution, ensuring that the company’s IT security standards can be met. The software can also be customized according to different needs.

The Solution

Companies in the utility sector use these solutions:

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Resource Central

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Exchange Central

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Digital Sign Client

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