The Benefits of BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

In today’s mobile and flexible business environment, a growing number of employees are using their own computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices for work purposes. Employees often prefer to use their own devices to access their work data because IT departments struggle to keep up with yearly upgrades in technology and may not have the latest devices available.

BYOD is part of the larger IT consumerization trend, which blends the personal and business use of technological devices and applications. BYOD is about offering choice to employees and gives them the flexibility to work how they want, easing the integration of their work and personal lives.

BYOD is beneficial to companies because it increases employee productivity. In a survey by Forrester Consulting, over 80% of firms base their choice to deploy BYOD programs on improving worker productivity and nearly 70% increased their bottom line revenues as a result of implementing BYOD programs.

Employees enjoy using their own devices, which makes them happier and more productive at work. They’re more comfortable with their own devices, so they tend to work faster on them. Implementing a BYOD program also helps companies attract and retain talent because people are interested in simplifying IT by using their own devices.

The BYOD movement supports a mobile workforce because it enables workers to access information in the cloud, so they can work anytime, anywhere. BYOD is particularly conducive to collaboration because users are able to store and edit data in the cloud and access it from any device.

Cost Savings

Companies can achieve cost savings by adopting a BYOD approach. Businesses don’t have to spend as much on hardware, software licensing, and maintenance if they allow employees to use their own devices. They also don’t have to invest in a second device for their employees if they let them use their own.

Streamline Your BYOD Program with Resource Central

Resource Central is a meeting and resource scheduling application for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange. The application allows you to find and book meeting rooms, schedule meetings, and order extra services like equipment and catering using the familiar Outlook® platform.

With the Resource Central web app, you can find conference rooms and book meetings anytime, anywhere, and with any device. Resource Central supports organizations that implement a BYOD strategy. Users can view their calendar and book meetings and resources with any device, whether it’s a laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Windows phone. You can use any browser to access the web app, because it is a responsive app built with HTML5.

Resource Central empowers employees to work and collaborate with their colleagues on their preferred devices. Sign up for a free trial or free online demo of Resource Central today.


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