Resource Central User Group in Denmark: How We’re Gaining Insights and Improving the Customer Experience

Last year, Add-On Products created a user group in Vejle, Denmark for local Resource Central users. Members of our Maintenance Program had been requesting access to a forum where they could discuss the use of Resource Central, hence this user group was born. The Resource Central user group is dedicated to enhancing the user experience of our software and encourages the sharing of information and product knowledge between users. The first meeting of the user group took place in May of 2018, and the second meeting was held in October of 2018. The next meeting is coming up this spring.

The user group meetings are facilitated by Add-On Products’ Product Specialists. During these meetings, our specialists announce new and upcoming features in Resource Central. Participants get to talk about their use of Resource Central, share their successes and concerns, and network with other users, as well as provide their input to guide new features and functionality. Whether you have ideas for improvements or new features, or you have concerns about our product or needs that are not being met, the user group is a great time to share your feedback and ideas.

The Resource Central user group gives users the opportunity to influence the direction of our products and services. In fact, some of the features proposed by our user group were implemented in the Resource Central 4.1 Service Release 1. Those features are the following:


Meeting Organizers Can Make Comments to Catering Delivery Personnel 

A new comment box has been placed in the order section, so organizers can now inform catering personnel about special requirements. The comments are shown in ‘Orders’, as well as in the email to the service provider. You can enable the comments field in ‘Parameters’ (CateringCommentBox), but please note that if you have already applied your own comment box to a form, you’ll need to delete that.


Add a Room-Specific Message to the “New Reservation” Email

It is now possible to set up a unique message per meeting room that is displayed in the New Reservation email sent to the organizer. This gives you the opportunity to inform the meeting organizer of special conditions or requirements for that room. You have the ability to format the font to call more attention to the message. You can find this new feature in Designer > Resources > Email Properties.

At Add-On Products, we are committed to our customers and aim to incorporate customer feedback into our products. Our Danish Resource Central User Group is just one example of how we listen to our customers and strive to create a vibrant user community for our Maintenance Program members.

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