Enhance Your Company’s Professional Image with Receptionist Software

Give visitors a professional first impression with Resource Central's receptionist features that streamlines visitor management. Receptionist software helps your company improve the visitor experience while saving front desk staff time and freeing them up to focus on other tasks. Resource Central gives receptionists the ability to register visitors, print and scan badges, and send hosts automated email notifications when visitors check-in.

At many companies, front desk staff still use paper logs to register visitors. Paper logs are an outdated solution for visitor management because the handwriting isn’t always legible and visitor information is visible to prying eyes. Entering, tracking, and managing visitors effectively and discreetly is key to maintaining the safety of your building and improving the visitor experience.

With Resource Central software, a receptionist can check visitors into the visitor management system or implement a self-service kiosk. Self-service kiosks allow visitors to quickly check themselves in and print visitor badges. They are an ideal solution for busy buildings with high traffic, unsupervised lobbies, and workplaces that receive a high number of vendors and contractors.

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Create a Safe Environment for Employees and Visitors with Visitor Management and Receptionist Software

Resource Central’s receptionist feature ensures that visitors are professionally handled from the moment they enter your facility. You can print visitor badges, keep visitor information confidential, and make visitors feel welcome.

Receptionist software is used in corporate settings, hospitals, schools, government buildings, and more. It’s a comprehensive application that allows receptionists to maintain a real-time list of authorized guests, so visitors are clearly identifiable while on the premises. Our software can be customized to fit the needs of organizations of all sizes. You can easily scale the application from one to multiple locations and ensure that all visitors receive a warm welcome.

Our visitor management and receptionist software makes registration of visitors easy. It integrates with Microsoft Outlook®, so the interface is familiar to most.

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Receptionist software

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What People Say


In the past it took at least half an hour to organize a meeting; now it takes a few minutes

Inge Hansen, IT-Coordinator

University of Southern Denmark


What we especially like is the tight integration with Outlook and the good overview of what resources/rooms are available. Of course also the ability to easily order catering/services and with no hassle update later on if need be

Ted Blomberg, IT Manager

Setterwalls, Sweden

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