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RealTime Service guarantees up-to-date information

Ensure speedy workflow and prevent server overload with RealTime Service. RealTime Service is our event-driven, back-end synchronization service for all our solutions. RealTime Service is our Exchange Engine for Add-On Products for our group calendar solutions; Exchange Central and WebTeam Central as well as our meeting room and resource scheduling solution; Resource Central. RealTime Service supports Microsoft 365/Exchange Online.

Meeting room scheduling software

Calendar information

RealTime Service keeps calendar information accurate and up-to-date. You no longer accidentally book meetings with colleagues at the wrong time because they scheduled new appointments in their calendars while or after you were updating them. Or end up with booking a meeting room or order a service, which already has been booked.

Search for suitable meeting rooms in one location or across multiple sites. Find the right rooms based on categories such as video conferencing, filters and room capacity in a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Speedy workflow

Speedy workflow

RealTime Service moves the workload away from the Exchange server, preventing overload. This ensures speedy workflow and eliminates delays while preserving the Exchange Server for your mail service.


RealTime information

RealTime information

Real-time information is necessary for making the right decisions regarding everyday matters and meeting the market needs of today.

RealTime Service provides you with current information, so you don’t have to remember to update your calendar before scheduling meetings and making other decisions.


  • Full event-driven data synchronization updates group calendar information without requiring you to refresh it
  • Prevents delays, as the workload is moved away from the Exchange server
  • Microsoft certified