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Resource Central
Reserve rooms, hot desks, catering, and extra services in just a few clicks. Save time and resources when you book meeting rooms, work stations, conferencing facilities, catering, and associated services, all from within your familiar Outlook® environment.
Digital Sign Service
Meeting room signage software for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook®. User-friendly entry-level software for your preferred digital signage hardware that displays current and future meeting information pulled directly from Outlook®. You can also book, correct, and end meetings on your digital signs.
Digital signage software for improved communication and company branding. Hosted or on-site advanced enterprise solution that includes modules for digital signage, welcome messages, directory guides, and wayfinding as well as support for streaming videos, RSS feeds, and much more.
Exchange Central
Efficient planning tool for Outlook® calendars. Group calendar that offers a user-friendly overview of multiple Outlook® calendars as well as powerful scheduling, planning, and reporting tools.
WebTeam Central
Stay connected and up-to-date while on the go. Web-based group calendar that provides an overview of multiple Outlook® calendars along with intuitive scheduling tools, regardless of your location. WebTeam Central has the same time-saving and user-friendly features as Exchange Central.
Mailbox Central
Complete your company’s branding with standardized email signatures. Email signature software that allows you to create and maintain branded corporate email signatures.
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